Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dress Shopping: Walkers Dress Emporium

I had my first round of dress shopping tonight. I really don't have time to go, but I sadly have no self control when it comes to weddings. Weddings win over everything else. Always.

I can tell finding the dress is going to be a long process, which I am okay with because other than beating off pushy saleswoman it's actually really fun. I just don't need their trite opinions. I feel like they are only saying what they think I want to hear. I have enough opinions for the both of us.

I didn't looooove anything I tried on tonight, but I began to see what I do and don't like. I learned that I either want an all-over pattern, or no pattern at all. Or I want something couture, which I can't afford. I know exactly what I want, modest dresses just aren't made that way. Or at least the cheap ones aren't.

Some of these photos have really weird skin tones (I promise my photoshopping isn't that bad), but I wanted to highlight the dresses as much as possible.

Here is the first dress. Very geometric and very strange. Divided me up into three even sections on bottom. Not really the look I am going for.
Did nasty things to my breasts, terrible mean things that should never be done to them. Like make them look like they belong on an old lady. That veil must have been expensive because she was practically forcing it on me.
Heather made me try this on. I was not a fan. Although I began to understand why brides choose boning in their dresses, look how little my waist looks. No princess style Cinderella dresses for me.
I am just not looking for this style of dress, I think that this is better than something with pickups, but it is a little too "renaissance" for my taste.
I love a few things about this dress. I like that the lace softens the neckline. I like that it is ALL lace. Now sure if I like the "sparkles". Definitely not a fan of the sash. I am so over sashes. I tend to dislike things that are overdone. Maybe make the dress tea length and lose the sash?
Definitely the favorite of the night, which isn't saying much. A little too plain in terms of styling. I don't like the square neckline or the plain sleeves. So basically I didn't really like anything enough to actually wear it on my wedding day. The price, $385, was the biggest plus.
I would put a really amazing bustle on this dress if I bought it. Any suggestions on what type would be best? Love the trios of buttons down the back.
I might also consider "dipping" the dress. I think I like it better with the vintage look that this gives, but I am worried that it makes it look less "bridal".

Nice picture Heather, so artistic. Don't worry you guys, there will be many more cute little artistic pictures like this in future dress shopping adventures.

Any thoughts for me? Things I should avoid or seek out from now on?


One Love Photo said...

Funny, I have never done the dress shop thing. I eloped in a very simple dress. Someday I keep thinking I will do it, just for the heck of it! I think you look super cute in the second to last one. I really like the neckline on you and the lace and sparkles. I also like the sash, it's sweet. True- the sash is everywhere but it looks great in photos if you don't want a long train.

style-ish said...

That lace sparkly one is fabulous on you! I agree, lose the sash but I really like that one.

And I'm with you, dress shopping has been (and still is) a long process. Everyone is now rushing me to hurry and pick one.

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic in the dresses with short/cap sleeves! I hope you find the perfect one with that feature. It's a bummer you didn't find The One. You're right; it is a lot of work, and the ones you love most are usually way out of the budget range. That's what happened to me, at least. ;)

Claire and Steve said...

Dress shopping is so much fun! Love the wedding blog.

amberdawn said...

I love that tinkerbell dress! If I didn't already have my dress picked out, I would totally consider trying it on! I love your new blog. When are we going to order the crinoline? We are less than five months away!!

Jenna said...

onelove-My boyfriend asks if we can elope every single day. It would be a lot cheaper. I love having your comments because you look at things from a photographers perspective!

style-Don't rush it! Get something you love! I am planning on the decision taking a long time. I've looked at too many dresses and I am too opinionated to make the choice easily.

annabrooke-Thanks for the compliment! I wish I could find a dress with 3-quarter length sleeves. I LOVE them.

claire-I love knowing that you have a blog, thanks for stopping by.

amber-Let's get some dyeing going on. And soon.