Saturday, March 15, 2008


If you have been reading my other blog, That Girl, you know that I have been posting wedding related things for a while now. Are you wondering why I wanted to start a second blog? My end goal is to create a "blog book" chronicling this whole crazy adventure, using a company that will let me upload my entire blog and turn it into a photo book. With so much time and thought put into this process, I love the idea of being able to look back on everything and reminisce. Now you know why I am writing all of this.

There are a few things I need to clear up with this first blog post.

1. I reserved this domain months ago, that is how excited I have been about starting this blog.
2. It is the 15th of March and I am actually not engaged. Yet.
3. My boyfriend doesn't read this blog but he does know about it. He will never understand it, but he does a good job of tolerating my wedding obsession.
4. I have ideas for posts that could keep me posting multiple times a day for weeks. Now I can start sharing not only general good ideas for weddings, but the things I am planning for my own affair!
5. I love feedback. That is part of the reason why I love blogging in the first place, so please leave me a comment, letting me know what you think of my ideas (even if you hate them, I won't be offended, honest).
6. I don't like to do things other people are doing. I love originality, and that is the thing I will be striving to achieve the most of throughout this entire process.

I have so many more things to say, but I will feed them to you slowly throughout the coming weeks. Thanks for coming by!


Dawn & Spence said...

Wow, I love it!! And I am getting so excited for you!!! :-)

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

so excited for your new wedding blog - i've added it to my reader!

Jenna said...

Dawn-I am so happy that we will be moving through the wedding planning process together. Keep me updated with everything!

Elizabeth-Thanks! I added you right to my Wedding Inspiration blogroll.

Anonymous said...

hey hey! I look forward to reading much more from you!

Angel said...

Something I've recently should put your Blog Archive up at the top of your side bar, so people can click around. This way, they don't have to scroll down the blogroll list each time, and you might increase traffic on older posts.

Jenna said...

angel-I hadn't even given my archive much though, but I love the idea of increasing traffic. Thanks!