Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Andro a Italia (and Poland)

Just over one month from today I will be getting on an airplane and flying over the Atlantic ocean for a whirlwind trip through Roma, Venezia, un possibile Milano anche, (can you tell I am already excited for the chance to attempt to use the Italian I have been taking?) and then a few days in Poland.

Where did this come from? Kind of out of nowhere, considering my parents brought it up less than 2 weeks ago, but I think the idea that I will be marrying that cute little Pole of mine and moving to Poland within the next decade has finally sunk in. This is a chance for both my Mother and I to see what Poland is really all about, and hopefully a time for her to get some peace of mind.

My mom is a photographer and so we are talking about buying a used dress and stuffing it into our suitcases for some bridal shots in Europe. Wouldn't I just look fab in a cute little gown in front of the coliseum?

This could be me, except without my dearest love and a much cuter photo.

I'll keep you all updated on the plans, it's kind of hard to believe it is happening so fast. I'll be done with school in 2 weeks, and living in Dallas with Swayzie in less than 3 (we are SOOO tired of long distance!), and then after a week in Dallas it's off to Europe. Such an exciting summer ahead.

Anyone else have exciting Summer plans they would like to share?


Etiquettely Correct said...

That sounds like a fun trip. I love the idea of taking a wedding gown to get some cool shots! Rome would be so great for that. I will be planning my wedding this summer, so I don't know that I will be traveling too much.

Kate said...

I'm soooooo excited to see the pictures you take when abroad! That sounds like it will be an amazing trip. :)

As for MY plans? Probably DIY wedding hell! Or heaven? We'll see!

Claire and Steve said...

It's going to go so quickly! I'm so excited for you.

amberdawn said...

student teaching! wahoo! but trace will be here so it will be wonderful!

east side bride said...

A photo shoot in Europe, yippee! A fabulous vintage dress maybe....?

ClaysJenna said...

Jealous. Im pretty sure the only place Im going to this summer is Yellowstone:) Im so excited you are going! I cant wait for pictures!!

Jenna said...

kate and etiquettely-You know I will be posting the pictures as soon as I can. Hopefully I can wrestle some of them out of my Mom's grip before she takes them home and I never see them again.

eastside-My mom is in charge of finding the dress and she has been ebaying and vintage hunting online all over the place. Any suggestions for great websites anyone?

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

we're going on a cruise of greece in june and i am *SO* excited! i too can't wait to see your pics. :)

ps - tag, you're it!

Jenna said...

elizabeth-I lately have been in love with Greece. It has someone made it to my top 10 places I would like to go someday.