Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Project Wedding

I found Project Wedding while reading through some message boards on some random site I was reading one day, and it has become my favorite place to discover potential wedding vendors. I think they are a Weddingbee sponsor as well, which may have been where I discovered the site.

Every single reception location in Seattle has received an email from me because of Project Wedding. The categories for Seattle include reception sites, bridal shops, photographers, makeup+hair, flower+decor, entertainment, and the list goes on and on.

A lot of the vendors have reviews, either posted directly onto the site by brides, or from knottie bios. (Although do beware of fake reviews posted by the vendors themselves, I am pretty sure I came across one of those).

It looks like the cities that have their own pages right now are San Francisco, LA, New York+Jersey, Chicago, Seattle, and Boston. They also have a nationwide page, and you can always use the search box to type in the name of your vendor and see if they have any reviews available.

Anyone else have any great resources they would like to share?


Angel said...

I love Project Wedding. I'm not on there (yet), but I find it a lot easier to use and search than knottie bios. Plus it's on a star rating system, so no one can get twenty plus signs after their review....kind of puts eveyone on a similar rating system.

They have boards, but Seattle isn't really a hopping place just yet.

One of my favorite online resources is www.bellinghamwedding.com. Seattle gets all the glory, but there's a great group of brides and vendors in Bellingham (aka my favorite city). The site is local and was started by a husband and wife who ran into a similar problem of finding local resources.

"Apes" said...

I love Project Wedding too!

Jenna said...

angel-I think you should add yourself. Vendors can do that can't they? I HATE navigating the knot so I love that I can look at rating directly on the website and pulled from knottie bios. Thanks for the great Bellingham resource!