Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dress Shopping: Mockingbird Bridal

I had what I hope will be my last round of dress shopping. I am going to be one of those annoying brides who doesn't post the picture of her dress immediately and makes people wait a post or two, but I don't want to do the "big blog reveal" until after I have put down the money and it is being slaved over by someone in China just for me.

The store I went to is called Mockingbird Bridal, and I would link to them, but I am insanely bitter about their "no picture policy" (which I think is an old and outdated rule suitable for a time period before the internet) and so I am not going to do them the favor of getting some extra hits. They are located in Dallas if you really want to look them up.

I only have pictures of three dresses this time, since all of these photos had be taken on the sly by my fabulously creative friend Nicole who had to misdirect the sales associate with requests for veils and tissues and the like.

This first dress was a big contender, it was actually the first dress I tried on during my time in the store (I only tried on 6 dresses total this time!). I thought that the horizontal stripes might cut me off, but instead the dress had me looking rather long and lean. I am just not a fan of sparkly embelishments, beading, sequins, etc. I guess I like having control of what the embellishments are going to look like (a hint that my dress of choice doesn't have any kind of sequins or beading).

I am really not sunburnt! That is just the lighting I promise. I love the ruffles cascade and flow down the back of this dress. It was just a little too architectural for me, a little more structured than I was looking for. I'm sorry I have no idea who the designer for this dress is, they weren't very forthcoming with information like that.
It's a good thing that I didn't end up loving this dress the most because it was the most expensive. It was very romantic, and I loved the bubble skirt, but a little busy for my taste. I wish we had a picture without the sash, because I am not a sash person, but the sweet little sleeves are a nice touch. The back was very pretty with crystal buttons down the back. I believe this was a Jasmine.
Here are the Jasmine stock photos of this dress. I would really recommend trying this one on in person, as it is quite pretty, and the bubble skirt is such a nice tough. And it looked just as terrific without the sash.

And the last dress.....Should be revealed on Friday!

I called the fabulous store A Bride Beautiful based in Salt Lake City the moment I got home to find out if she could order it, and she thinks that she can! I want to get it through her for several reasons, first and foremost because her shop does such a fantastic job of creating "temple ready" (as we Mormons like to call them) dresses out of dresses like this. Plus the shop was so nice and let us take all the pictures we wanted. Seriously bridal shops, get a clue and realize that brides can now use the internet to scout out the styles they want and order them from discount sites like netbride and bridepower. You are not doing anything by preventing pictures!

I will give you a hint and say that the dress is a Watters gown and can be found on their site. Anyone care to venture a guess? (No cheating if you already know the answer!)


Guilty Secret said...

Oh the teasing! Can't wait for the big reveal :)

Lady T said...

(drums mails on desk)


Kate said...

I'm thinkin' this isn't it - BUT I totally think you could rock this look:
Watters Dress.

I love that crocheted ribbon shrug - especially the drapey sleeves. ::swoon::

Emily said...

ummmm this is my guess:
sans the sash

east side bride said...

Wait, Jenna, you're not engaged yet? I'm confused.

Big Shot said...

1, you can get the first dressed with the sequins ordered without the sequins. Sure of it. You can order a wedding dress anyway you want.

2, it's totally Friday. Where's the pic of the dres???

Jenna said...

kate-That definitely isn't it, but I think that I maybe could rock that look. And it would really set the tone of the entire wedding I think!

emily-I do hate sashes, but the bodice on that dress is swoon worthy. I kind of wish that was it. But just kind of.

eastside-Yeah I am not. Maybe I should write another post clarifying that.... I think it would be a good stock post for while I am gone.

bigshot-You would think the bridal salons would be telling me how easy it would be to get dresses without sequins and stuff when I express my dislike of them. And yes, the post is late. I'm a jerk I know! It will post in the morning!

Erin and Todd said...

i've been to mockingbird bridal. i felt like it was such a "free for all." my folks live in dallas, so i shopped for my dress there and ended up buying it at warren barron in highland park village. my best friend bought her dress at mockingbird bridal and they put her in the back room (near the refrigerator) to try on her dress. it was really busy in there and i was disappointed that you can't make an appointment.

anyway... the dress is lovely! i can't wait to see what you pick.

Jenna said...

Erin-I wasn't working at the time I went so I was able to go in the middle of the week when things weren't very busy. I called and made an appointment, but it didn't seem to make any difference because we had to wait anyways. I'm glad I wasn't stuck next to the refrigerator like your friend was!