Friday, May 16, 2008

Guest Blogger: Kelli Nicole Photography

Hi, I'm Kelli, from Kelli Nicole Photography. I'm also Jenna's roommate from freshman year! I've been shooting weddings for about four years. It can be a lot of fun!! I feel that the photography is one of the most important aspects of the wedding day as those pictures will be what you have for the next several generations, and will still be there when your memory fails you or even to capture the small things you missed.

It's obviously very important to get shots of the couple smiling at the camera, but it's the little details and not-so-standard pictures that pull the whole thing together. You spend a lot of money on these details and you're going to want it documented!

I loved everything about this wedding, even the cool chairs and the cute bows they tied on and the floating candles.
The cake was really cool and it's fun to look for a new way to shoot cakes (I was able to shoot from a balcony for this one).
I love this shot of the bride's younger siblings. I didn't tell them to pose, and I love how short their little legs are :).
The cuff links.

A nice shot of the newly weds.


Guilty Secret said...

Great photos, thanks for sharing :)

janaemadsen said...

where are you located?

Kelli said...

I'm traveling a lot right now, not really located anywhere. Home base in Utah, currently in North Carolina for a few weeks. I travel to the San Francisco regularly and have most of my clients there, but I'll be living in San Diego from mid June to mid September :). Confusing enough?

Jenna said...

Kelli this was such a fantastic post. You are such a stellar photographer and I wish I was rich so I could figure out a way to fly you up to take pictures for SOME aspect of my wedding!