Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Shoot Shoes

Remember that time I blogged about getting some heels to wear under Aurora in Rome? Well I ended up sending them all back and going into DSW (my first time!) in Seattle to see if I could find something I liked a little bit better. This is the shoe we ended up finding, and I love them because they really look like me. I am being a little spoiled and resisting the idea of wearing them on my actual wedding day (I just can't stop looking at other options, and I have a slightly different idea of what I want), but we will have to see just how much farther I can stretch out the budget.
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Guilty Secret said...

Nice shoes - amazing shot!

Lady T said...


what size do you wear?? you wouldn't have a large foot by an chance would you???

i've been oogling shoes somewhat similiar to this. i'm dead set against white.

Jenna said...

lady t-No white shoes for me either. But probably not these.