Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wedding Babe with a bod to match

My name is Megan Smith, and I'm another guest blogger. I am a Personal Trainer/Nutrition Consultant by trade. I love all things fitness, and I thought I'd offer some tips for all of you brides-to-be. With your big wedding day ahead of you there is so much to be concerned about, and at the top of that list is looking fab in your beautiful dress!
If you are looking to lose weight your calories consumed must be fewer than the calories you burn. So shaping up your diet is a great place to start. My advice here is simple. Go with a whole foods approach. Look to eat foods in their whole form...(Think apples vs. apple jacks...strawberries vs. strawberry fruit snacks). Go with whole wheat, fruits, vegetables, lean protein. Cut out the processed white flour and sugar. Get a food journal. Write down what you're eating. You'll be surprised to find that you are probably consuming more calories than you think. Some helpful free websites I like are Fitday, The Daily Plate, and Calorie King.
Next thing you want to do is up your physical activity. I recommend 4-5 days of 40-50 min of cardiovascular exercise, and three days of weight training exercise. By increasing your cardiovascular exercise you'll burn tons of calories, shedding of those unwanted pounds. Lifting weights will give you a toned look and will boost your metabolism causing you to burn more calories in general...leading to more weight lost. Not only will increasing your physical activity benefit the way you look, but you'll feel great. You'll be able to sleep better and it is a great stress reliever! All this planning has got to be stressing you out ;)

If you have more detailed questions I'd love to answer them for you!
For more healthy living tips check out my blog Munch & Crunch Good luck with the planning!

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Lady T said...

Thanks Megan!

exactly what i needed....i've been a couch potato during my planning process. I better kick it into high gear. only 5 months to go!