Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wedding Vendor: Hotel 1000

The ability to embed a slideshow instead of uploading all of these pictures one by one is such a timesaver! The photos are in order of the description, so feel free to pause the slideshow and click through while you read!

Photo 1: The first shot is of the lobby of the hotel, which I love. One of the great things about this venue is the large number of photo locations.

Photo 2: Guests will stop off of the elevator and step directly into the event. When we rent the space, we really rent the entire 4th floor. The evening is going to flow so nicely because guests simply move from room to room, and are free to roam wherever they would like from 4 in the evening to 11 at night! This room will be set up with the gift table, guest book table, and a few cocktail tables for the appetizer hour.

Photo 3: This is a terrible photo, because an event was happening the day I took my tour (this is what happens when you are planning from out of state!), but it should give you an idea of what the space looks like. We are going to be able to hang candles from the bars in the ceiling, and the glass atrium will afford a beautiful view of the darkening sky.

Photo 4: Guests will be sitting in these throughout the night. Not quite chivari, but a good jumpstart for the color scheme.

Photo 5: After the ceremony we will walk straight from the atrium into the adjoining room. The chairs will be comfortable, we can have a DVD of engagement and other photos playing, and it will be a perfect chance for guests to walk by and congratulate us afterwards.

Photo 6: I plan on sitting down and resting whenever I get tired. I love that this room fits in so well with the overall "book" theme.

Photo 7: After mingling with us, guests will walk back out into this little lobby for appetizers, and will wander into the room next door to take their picture in the photo booth.

Photo 8: This is the room the reception will be held in. Dinner, cake, toasts, and maybe even a little bit of dancing. Ivory linens instead of white and lots of candles on all the tables.

Photo 9+10+11: One of the bonuses of using a hotel is that we get a free nights stay in one of the waterview rooms. I've been in one of these tubs before, and they are amazing. I wish we weren't so poor so we could afford to stay here for our entire honeymoon!

What's your favorite part of your venue?


aletha @ pearls events said...

Lovely photos!
The fav part of my own venue was the grand staircase. And all the lovely windows that let in the summer sunset until late in the evening.

Jenna said...

aletha-Grand staircases make for the best photos.

Big Shot said...

Love it! Love modern hotels. I just want to live in them.

Jenna said...

big shot-we are trying to find a way to do just that for a week.