Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Suiting Up

It took me a few months, around 6 stores, and a couple dozen dresses to find a dress that I love. That Groom only needed 2 stores and 2 hours to find his suit. Such is life.

We decided that buying a suit would be better than renting a tux, as we are regular church goers and he would be able to wear it weekly if he so desired. Even if he doesn't ever wear it to church, he will still be able to wear it to the corporate functions he has every once in awhile.

When I realized that the Nordstrom men's sale was coming up, I knew that this was my chance to get him into suit shopping mode. I think the entire planning process feels a little early to him (after all, we have had many conversations revolving around why a wedding can't be planned in one day, because he apparently thinks this is possible), but I emphasized that this sale only happens twice a year and he agreed to go after checking out the selection online.

Looking for ideas online was a really good choice because he walked into the store with some idea of what he liked. We zeroed in on anything black, pinstripe, with 2-buttons. We made the mistake of going to Nordstrom before we went to any other stores, big mistake because once you experience their customer service it is hard to want to shop anywhere else. We didn't want to make our decision too quickly and we we decided to look throughout the rest of the mall for other options.

Our only other choice was Macy's, and since it was the day before Father's Day we had a whole lot of options on sale. This was the first suit he tried on, and we both thought "Meh." It was a nothing suit. I think it would have been around $250 with the pants, but it was so dull.

We went back and forth, half-heartedly about the suit below for a few minutes. Both of us knowing how much money we would save, both of us hating it compared to the Nordstrom option. It was just....ok. It would work, but it would probably just hang in the closet for a few years until he doesn't fit into it any longer.

This tie taught me I want something darker. With gold overtones.

Enter the doors of Nordstrom. "Hello, how are you, how may we help you?" Smile. Breath a sigh of relief.

We tracked down our salesmen friend and told him we were back and ready to try it on one last time before we made the big purchase. I can't believe how great it fits him right off the rack.

Doesn't he just look so sexy in this picture? Well, as sexy as a headless man can look.

I'm relieved that this is behind us. Now I just have to be getting on him to go back in and get the alterations done.

What is everyone else doing? Suit or Tux? Where did you buy it? I'm thinking pocket squares instead of boutonnieres......


Kelli said...

LOVE it! So hot right now. Great choice.

Linda said...

FI bought his suit at K&G. He really likes it. Unfortunately it needed alterations-pants were too long and the jacket needed to accommodate his guns! He's got big biceps!
Dad got lucky and got a suit from Marshalls which looks really good on him.
One of our groomsmen got his suit from Overstock and totally lucked out on a great deal.

A Windy City Wedding said...

what a stylin' headless man you have there! i got my FH a suit from Banana Republic, it was only slightly on sale but he can definitely wear it again.

Riley said...

That suit looks great on him! What a good choice!
Okay - so when's the second sale of the year???? We were going to rent tuxes, but after reading this, I think you have a good point about him being able to wear it again. Plus, if you do black suits, most guys will have one.

Etiquettely Correct said...

I love it! We're doing tuxes and we're renting them. Hopefully it will go okay for us!

Amanda said...

Fantastic choice! He looks really comfortable in the suit too, which is really key.

I'm pretty sure that we're going with buying a suit but we don't have access to places like Macy's or Nordstroms (such is Canadian life) but we do have Banana Republic and Moores! Haha.

Pocket squares seem like a fab idea... I think I'll run that past my groom too.


style-ish said...

Ah, you can't beat the Nordstrom customer service in Men's suits. The other departments need to learn from them. Love the suit you ended up getting him, it looks so much better than the Macy's one.

We are getting J a suit as well but not sure if we are doing black or gray (but with my new color scheme it will most likely be gray).

Oh and we're doing pocket squares too! I did a post awhile back on it.


style-ish said...

The Sartorialist is my favorite place to see pocket squares done well. I just had to share this with you. So fun and colorful!


David & Emily said...

David bought a beautiful Calvin Klein suit for $100 on clearance at Marshall's (I think it was typically $400). It fit him perfectly with some typical alterations (pant and sleeve length)and was black with a pinstripe, as I noticed you were looking for! I say great choice. Also, I know he was a lot more comfortable than he would have been in a tux, and was so glad not to wear those shiny shoes!

Guilty Secret said...

It looks great on him :)

Baddie is also wearing a two-button, pin-stripe suit, but his is a very dark grey. He already owned two suits and doesn't get to wear them much, so there was no need for a new one.

Now he just needs a shirt and tie, which I'm sure he'll but at the last minute no matter how much I try to convince him it needs sorting soon!

Jenna said...

linda-you just reminded me that I need to be asking the fathers if they have suits to wear. I hope they have black ones alreayd os they don't have to be buying new ones.

windy-we thought about going to Banana, but we had already fallen in love with the Nordstrom option.

riley-I think it's in November. All of our groomsmen should have black suits so they won't even have to buy anything!

emily-daaaanngg it sounds like we should have looked at Marshalls first!