Sunday, June 29, 2008

That Bridesmaid Bree

Bridesmaid Bree and I are sisters. Except we have different moms. And different dads. But our moms are sister. And our dads are brothers. So we are basically, genetically, the same. We've never lived further than half an hour away from each other and so I have just always known her. We took bubble baths together and posed in big giant hats.

MOH Sissie making an early appearance, myself, with Bridesmaid Bree on the right.

Growing up with a double cousin who is as awesome, hot, adventurous and outrageous as Bree is something I would highly reccomend. It means that we get to see her at any and every family father. Going to the grandparents who own a dairy? Bree is there. Going to see the grandparents who are ranchers? Hey look Bree is there again. It means we got twice the memories, and twice the amount of fun together.

Seriously, MOH Sissie needs to get her own post. But I think this demonstrates how inseperable we all were. When I wasn't thinking I was too grownup to hang out with Joe and Moe, as we affectionately nicknamed them.

Bridesmaid Lova is the passionate one, but Bridesmaid Bree is the outrageous one. She will do anything and everything. I love how comfortable she is in her own skin, and her ability to bond and make friends with people is incredible. I think she can make almost anyone feel comfortable chatting with her.

If I were giving out awards, Bree would definitely win the prize for "most supportive brideslave". When I was agonizing over dress choices, she was texting me telling me that she would wear anything I chose. She has been so supportive of every decision I have made so far, and I know that I can always call her if I am ever feeling crazy and she will calm me down.

Obviously, Bridesmaid Bree and I are a good pair because we can be ourselves when we are around each other. It wouldn't be the same wedding without her.

Tomorrow this little series wraps up with MOH Sissie.


Guilty Secret said...

Your mum and her sister married brothers...? Surely that story deserves a post of its own...?!

[ Hello Bree, you're cute :) ]

HappyAmy said...

I'm loving this series of posts. You have a gorgeous wedding party! I love this hat picture--priceless!

Etiquettely Correct said...

So your mom & her sister married two brothers? thats cool! I love the pictures

Etiquettely Correct said...

I just saw that someone else asked that question already - I agree - you need to do a post about it!

Bre said...

She looks just like Kiki in that first picture...