Thursday, July 17, 2008

Get Your Etiquette Questions Answered

Do you have a burning etiquette question that you can't seem to resolve on your own? Head on over to Elizabeth Anne Designs and give them a try. They answered mine.

I’ll be living in Washington for two months before the wedding, but FI and I will be living in Dallas for the next few years. I know that all of these ladies want to give me fun gifts to open at the bridal shower and the wedding, but really, they are an incredible burden to ship. We are registering online, but I know that many women want to physically see my face when I open it. Can I just tell him I will videotape myself opening every present in Dallas and send them a copy of the video? How can I encourage guests to ship them to me and ease any financial burden they might be causing by making us figure out how to get it done?
Visit EAD to see what they suggested.

A note to my guests: I really really appreciate anything you want to do for me. If you are going to be a guest at my wedding, and you would like to give me a gift in order to get my new home started, it will be very much appreciated. Please do not take my stress about the logistics of things the wrong way!


Lady T said...

she had a good suggestion.

lol...i am debating whether i will let my MOH know the "theme" i'd prefer. I've tried to drop sublte hints for the last few months...but i have no idea if she bitten the bait or not.

Guilty Secret said...

Hooray I can comment with no word verification!

Guilty Secret said...

(I thought I'd give that it's own comment just because it's so easy now...)

Guilty Secret said...

Ok, on to your post... :-P

I actually disagree with a lot of EAD's etiquette advice. I love their blog, but I just find their etiquette ideas quite old-fashioned... although sometimes I think it's more to do with US/UK cultural differences. Anyway I find it interesting to read whether I agree or not and I think it's a cool thing they're doing there.

Hmmm, maybe I should set up my own "What Guilty Would Do" etiquette section... how to be a very independent British Bride... only my answer might always be "do whatever the hell you like!" :-D

Riley said...

If I were someone going to your shower and wanted to get you something, but knew of your impending move, you know what I'd do???

I know, it's not like actually opening up something. But, they hold the promise of whatever you may want!! And they're small! ;-)

Hope you get it all figured out!

Jenna said...

guilty-I'd love to see the British take on some of these American issues!

riley-Send me your address. You are officially on my shower invite list :)