Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Reader Kelly asked what Groomals were. I figured that there were probably people who had never heard of couples doing these, but they are quite common in Utah. You have probalby heard of Bridals before, done in the South as well as in LDS culture. We seem to have expanded the idea and invited the groom to come play along as well.When a couple are married in the temple there is no walking down the aisle and so they don't have any type of "first look" moment to ruin.

All Photos by Shaylene Rene'
It can be exhausting to be married in the temple, have a luncheon for the family and friends, move everyone to the reception location, then stand in line for 2 or 3 hours to greet hundreds of people as they file through in order ot eat some cake. This doesn't leave a whole lot of time for any portraits of the bride and groom together.

The groomals usually take placea few weeks before the wedding, in time for the portraits to be put up and displayed all over the reception place. It's really fun to wander around and check them all out.

I won't be doing them, as I am planning on creating my own artificial first look moment the day of the wedding. Do you think it's a trend that will ever catch on?


Lady T said...

this is cool...i think that some Asian cultures do something similiar. i'm all for it...if you're going to take portraints, why not take them together. yeah, i want a few of just me, but i dont need a wall full of portraits by myself!

i love that you're going to create a "first look" moment! i can't wait to hear how you do it.....will there be stairs involved? thats always dramatic.

we haven't talked about it recently, but i still haven't made the final decision on whether we will see each other first before the ceremony or whey everyone is looking at us during the ceremony.....

Chriselda said...

i hope so!
it really does cut out the time that you spend between the ceremony and reception.

plus it's more intimate. the bride doesn't see her fiance (and vice versa) with the whole world staring at them and pointing all their cameras at them and staring at you.

you'll love your first look moment. even if it's "fake" because the reactions and emotions are still very real. and honestly, more genuine because men are usually more inclined to go with their initial reactions and don't have to worry about crying.

Guilty Secret said...

That's really cool that you're going to create a first look moment. I love when people pull bits from other cultures to make their weddings what they want it to be.

With regards bridals and groomals... I can't see either catching on here in UK. Just like we don't have engagement photos, it just feels like a bit too much for most people to extend the professional photography that much.

Having said that, most US trends hit here eventually...

Blablover5 said...

I've tagged you. You're in.

Jenna said...

I think it seems like a good idea...very pragmatic but I just can't get totally on board because it will take away from the wedding day a bit, IMO. Even when there is no first look moment, there is still the first time you see your fiance(e) on the wedding day in their attire and that is so special! On a superficial note, does anyone else think the groom in the groomals totally looks like Ryan Seacrest??

Miss G said...

Thanks so much for the explanation! Kelly