Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sherbert Flavored Bridesmaids

Photo by Duston Todd

How to reuse those old prom dresses you have hanging in your closet. Definitely an interesting take on the rainbow color palette idea.


Sarah said...

I'm pretty sure Jenna Bush did something like this for her wedding.

duston todd said...

i found this blog via a google search of my own name just to poke my nose around to see where my name is popping up...
yes, the colors are very sherbert-ish, and yes the girls all donning the dresses were out for a prom evening. i was in the middle of shooting a couple on their wedding day and a mass of easter-colored dresses was floating down the street. so i took the opportunity and stopped the girls and asked the groom to jump into the sea of sherbert..no bride pictured.
just thought i'd share the tid-bits of real events.

in future, i don't mind if you're using my images, just as long as it's not in a negative tone (who'd want that?!) and that you accompany the work with credits (as you have done.)

many thanks!
- duston

One Love Photo said...

I love Dustin's work! He is a film guy and he is one of my very favorites.