Thursday, July 3, 2008

Will You Be My Brideslave?

I had heard of brides making up fun little packages and having these intimate moments when asking the women closest to them to stand next to them and I really wanted that. There were a few problems though. The first is that I don't even live in the same state as any of my bridesmaids. The second is that I am still not engaged and so I never had that "moment" where I could call and say "Now that I am engaged, I want you to be my brideslave on my wedding day."

So, even though all of my girls had been rather casually notified of my intention already, I went ahead and found some adorable cards on Etsy to send them. The options for bridesmaid cards on Etsy are many, but I went ahead and chose a set from a store called thecraftpanty (which has sadly since closed for the Summer, she will re-open in the fall though), and had a really great experience in terms of super fast shipping, cute packaging, and even a free gift! Etsy sellers, give me a free gift and I will always reccomend you. I'm such a pushover like that.

I ordered 10 of the latte dress cards and wrote a little note for each of the girls inside, telling them what they meant to me and how much I would appreciate having them be with me. The tiffany blue ring card was a free gift, and I used it for a bridal shower present I gave away the other day. I wanted to keep it. But I couldn't very well write a note to myself. Maybe I should have, and then after my engagement I could have written a little congratulatory note to myself.

How did you let your bridesmaids(slaves) know your intentions?


ley said...

That's cute! I really like those cards! I sent each of my girls a card, too, but I just got it from Target. lol. I also baked some cookies and iced them with our wedding colours, then shipped those to each girl (they were in different states, too).

Guilty Secret said...

The cards are lovely... very cute :)

I'm just having my little sister as my best woman. I blogged about when I asked her here.

EthidiumBromide said...

My bridesmaids were also all from out of state, so I baked them all cookies with cookie cutters in the shape of wedding-related things... wedding cake, wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, engagement ring, and then a heart. I iced them all with royal icing (sans raw egg, since I knew they would be traveling), and piped over with more icing for decorating, and then in the heart iced the date of our wedding since we had already picked it. Then, I hand made a card for each of them, and found the picture of the ugliest dress possible online and photoshopped each of their faces into it.
My two best friends in the whole world are male, so I asked them to be ushers. I made cards for them, photoshopping them into bridesmaid dresses. They were a HUGE hit!
The packages were a giant success, particularly since I couldn't take my friends out to lunch or anything like that, without flying what would have amounted to something like 10,000 miles to hop back and forth to each of them.

Blablover5 said...

I just called up my friends the day after we got engaged. I had no idea that there were all these cards and people put lots of thought into asking until I'd done lots of wedding research.

Blue Eyed Bride said...

i let them all know that we were engaged over the phone because none of them lived in the same town or state as we do. i asked them to save the date. then i mailed them all these packages. i monogrammed these cute burlap pink totes with their initials on them then stuffed the bags with pink and gold tissue paper. because they'd have to travel for the wedding i includes bridesmaid themed luggage tags, a bridesmaid to do list, a CD with songs that remind me of each of them and the jewel case insert was a collage of photos of all of them, then i included a really sweet note in the package. i ended up only spending about $15.00 per bridesmaid.

HappyAmy said...

I have been thinking about this a lot! It's getting a little awkward bc I haven't officially asked them all yet! They know the date we want, but since it's not set in stone I was waiting to officially ask them in some grand way. I love all these ideas! I was thinking of buying pic frames w/ a pic of us and a cute poem I found about being a bridesmaid. The cards and the cookie ideas are awesome!

Jenna said...

ley, ethium, and blue eyed-I really hope none of my bridesmaids read these comments because you put me to shame. I thought I was clever, but you are making me look kind of lazy!