Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Marilyn Dress

I love Marilyn Monroe. I collect calendars, clothes, watches, and even perfume branded with her name and image. I love her confidence, her curves, and her clothes. My mom's mom is also named Marilyn, and has apparently been hiding away her 1950's wedding dress in the back of one of her closets all of these years. She pulled it out and I fell in love. It looks exactly like the Marilyn Monroe style that I have always swooned over, and I was thrilled to have the chance to put it on this weekend (and that it zipped up!).

We asked Grandma what was up with the pointy breast style that her dress is sporting. It's some serious pre-Madonna conage action happening. She couldn't remember why all the girls thought that was so attractive back in the day.

I cannot believe that I never picked up the phone to call and ask if any relatives still had their wedding dresses, and if they might be open to the idea of me wearing it for my wedding dress. I still love my dress (and can't wait to go pick it up in 2 weeks), but their is so much significance behind wearing a dress passed down through the generations. For a dress not cleaned or preserved in any way, it's in rather good condition. Grandma even thinks she let us grandkids play dress-up in it when we were younger. I cringe at the thought of how careless I probably was with such a treasure.

Grandpa, Grandma, and myself.

The 50's style dresses are so fun to swish and spin around in. This shot highlights the two problems with the dress. See the ripped netting swinging around behind me, and my cone shaped breasts :)

My grandma and grandpa own and live on a diary, and while we were outside taking pictures on the lawn, my sister MOH runs out in a full length cow pantsuit. The resulting photos are marvelous.

She is going to hate me for posting these. Let's all let her know how hot she looks as a bovine.


Blablover5 said...

I like the last picture with the cow just watching you probably hoping she'll get some food.

Ms. 122 said...

hahah, that's awesome! pointy boobs and bovineness...what a combo

Anonymous said...

Love that last photo!!!

Ruby Slippers said...

Where on earth did she GET that cow suit? And I know, what is with the pointy-boobed look? It's the only thing I hate about vintage glam style.

I can't believe how young your grandma looks!

Elizabeth said...

Hahaha! You've gotta love playing dress up in grandma's dresses. She has good taste! It's just a shame that all dresses back then were darted in the chest area.

I have some pictures of my grandma's dress, too, on my new blog. I need some bridal blog friends. Care to mutually link?


Thank you for the great reading material!

Jenna said...

Ruby-I guess my grandma wore it at the city community days to promote milk once. She is awesome I know.

brideinablog-I'm working on a new round of link love, and you will definitely be on it!