Monday, August 18, 2008

My Greatest Fear

I have a fear. It's not of bugs, heights, or death. It's of missing teeth.

When I was in 4th grade, Cody knocked his hard head into my mouth and knocked my front tooth out. My dental assistant mother knew enough to soak it in milk until they could get me to the doctor to have it glued back on the next day. Then I was playing tag round my house with a little boy who just came up to my nose, when he decided to switch directions as we were running and ran straight into me knocking it out again (more glue please!). The next time it happened I was playing with one of those kickboards that float, and I was having fun pulling it under the water as far as I could and watching it shoot back out again. I leaned over a little too far and watched it come up and knock me in the mouth. If you can believe it, we found the little trooper tooth again and glued it on once more.

Fast forward 5 or 6 years to a snowboarding trip my senior year of high school. I couldn't get my glove off my frozen fingers, so I bit down hard and pulled, and felt a weird sensation in my mouth. I rescued the little tooth once again, but the dentist decided it was time for a crown. I had a root canal, and spent about 2 months with a loose tooth cover that popped off to reveal this:

I thought I was set for life with the shiny new crown mom and dad bought for me, but a year ago I bit down on a Subway sandwhich and proceeded to cry when I realized it was off again. I've since gone in to the dentist 4 more times to have it glued back on.

I can't afford a new crown right now, and so I am struck with fear every time I bite into a taco or toasted sandwhich. Eating with me can be an interesting experience as I sometimes spit my half chewed foot out because I am positive it has come off again, and I am scared to death that I will swallow it.

As far as the wedding day goes, I am not sure what to do. It's a time where you are smiling constantly, and the toothless smile above is not what I want to be flashing all day. I guess one of the brideslaves will be packing around superglue in case of any tooth related emergencies.


Riley (aka Rachel) said...

LOL! I actually have TWO chipped crowns in the back of my mouth. One's been that way for over a year, and the other just chipped recently. Great. Luckily they don't impede eating, don't hurt, can't be seen, and so therefore must wait until after the wedding to be fixed.
No dental insurance means it will be well over $2000.00. Sigh.

Jess and Carl said...

Oh honey! Your tooth! I can't help but think of Penticton when I think of your tooth! What a week of finding a dentist in Canada to fix your tooth before the big ball! I love you and your tooth and your stories! Make sure it's in there good for the big day!

Guilty Secret said...

Wow, how unlucky can a girl be with her tooth?! I'm sure it'll be fine on the wedding day if you're careful what you eat.

Jenna said...

riley-I am waiting anxiously until the day I am on That Groom's medical insurance.

Jess-I completely forgot about that. This tooth is the worst!

Skeeta25 said...

This is hilarious but only because it sounds like my life! I also lost my front two at age 5 and age 8. I wore a cap during school and got a crown at age 18. I bit a laffy taffy, off popped the crown and I am now on crown #2. My mom paid for the first crown and I got the second for like $300. You know how?- A dental school! I now live in a differnt state and my fiance is now getting a crown for the same price at another dental school. Jut go to local University and they will give you like a graduate student. The students have dentists as professors and never take one step without approval. Definitely look into it, dental schools have saved my life!!! (PS, me without my crown- I looked the exact same way as you; my non-dental mom told me to use sugar free gum to keep mine in!!- HA!)