Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Paper Virgins First Time

You probably want the wedding whirlwind recap to be over as much as I wanted the day to be over while it was happening. I was exhausted by this point, and not interested in the least in the idea of dragging myself over to Paper Source. You see, I'm what you might call a paper virgin.

Paper Source does know how to cater to an audience. This paper and ribbon wedding dress on display perked me up a little bit.

After admiring the paper wedding dress, I spent a little time looking at the sale rack to break myself in. I then spent some time browsing through the notecard section, but wasn't quite sure what to do with myself once I turned the corner and saw this.....

So. Much. Paper.

I am working with someone (to be revealed shortly) on my invitation design, and I was glad they had taught me about the two different types of paper to look for, Paper Source and Luxe. The price estimate they sent me showed a difference of $170 for total supplies between the two paper types, and I was sure that I would want to save the money and go with the Paper Source stuff. I thought that the Luxe was an unnecessary expense that no one would notice.

Then I grabbed two sheets of cream and held them next to each other and realized my mistake. When you compare them side-by-side, there is a noticeable difference in both the texture and appearance. In the photo below the Luxe is on top, and the Paper Source is on bottom.

Click to enlarge

It took several tries, but I was able to capture a shot that illustrates the difference between the two papers. It may look subtle, but you can instantly tell the difference when you run your fingers across it. The texture on top is that of the Paper Source, and below that you can see the porous and dreamy Luxe.

Click to enlarge

I can now see why everyone gets so excited about this store, once I got over my initial apprehension I could have spent a few hours browsing through all of the products. After I came out of the store my mom revealed that she knows of a wholesale paper warehouse, Paper Zone, where we should be able to get the Luxe quality without the primo price tag. She is going back over to Seattle to pick everything up for me this weekend, which means I will begin printing and assembling next week!


Ms. 122 said...

i LOVE their paper dresses! we drove by one time, and my mom goes "well, there's a beautiful wedding dress!" i had to tell her it was made of paper, i think she was disappointed. haha.

Guilty Secret said...

Every time I read a post about Paper Source (which is a lot on WB) I get jealous we don't have anything like that near where I live!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Blog!
Denise Boston,Mass.