Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Photographer = Friendor

Before I show you my beyond fabulous engagement photos, I want to introduce you to my photographer, Kelli Nicole.

First I will tell you a sad story. I found a photographer I loved. He takes pictures that make me want to cry (thats how pretty they are). He was available, he was affordable, he would fly across the country for me. I mailed him a contract and a check, and then he called me to tell me that he hadn't realized I had changed my date and that a couple had booked him for the 11th just a week before. I cried.

Then I was reading through some friends blogs. My freshman roomate Kelli's blog came up, with a particularly beautiful shoot featuring a gorgeous family. I was startled. Could this be the same girl I roomed with 4 years ago? The pictures she was putting up looked nothing like I remembered her creating back in the day. Would I make a Friendor out of this girl? Could we reconnect once again?

Cue the wavvy music that cheesy sitcoms use. And the fuzzy edged effect.

We partied it up at the Wilkinson center.

Kelli let me take cheesy portraits of her before we met up with our dates for a freshman dance. (Kelli, do you remember these? Why was I the one behind the camera for this?)

She fell down and dropped a box of her stuff while moving. She didn't hate me for grabbing my camera to take a picture instead of helping her up.

She frequently fell asleep in this very position. This is not staged my friends.

End scene. Back to the present.

I called her up, and I was honest. I was nervous about booking her. Some might say I was brutally honest. Kelli knows me well enough to know what a photography blog stalker I am, and she had spent time admiring the work of "the one who was not meant to be" as much as I had. She didn't have very much wedding experience, but she is interning for The Image is Found this summer (and stealing all of their amazing photography secrets to use for my wedding, hee hee hee!) She told me her prices, and I learned that I would save not hundreds, but thousands of dollars. I remembered my mantra concerning using personal resources. I hesitantly said yes.

That Bride is currently patting herself on the back for a job well done. Pat pat pat.

You've seen the proposal shots, but that was nothing. Kelli dropped a bomb in the name of 1000+ engagement photos in my lap this week. Yes, 1000 photos. Friendors rock.

Post proposal. Friends for life. Let's credit That Groom for this gorgeous shot, shall we?

Have you been surprised by the creative genius of any of your Friendors?


Kelli said...

Jenna!! You are too nice! I love this post :). Those pics are hilarious. Not only did I not hate you for taking that picture with the box, but I appreciated it, as I too wanted to document the hilarity of a scene only freshmen will giggle hysterically over.

Remember how I didn't know you took that 'sleeping with the book on my face' pic until it showed up in the church slideshow several months later?? Lol. Look, I'm even fully clothed. With my charging cell phone under my pillow.

Thanks for not posting any pics that I took back then, ugh, they were awful!!

Guilty Secret said...

Aw, what a heart-warming post. Now share the photos! :-D

Blablover5 said...

I have loved having all those inside contacts and friends, they have made planning this wedding 1000X easier.

I am hard pressed to think of any of my friends who haven't helped or used their expertise in some way. I have on friend doing my hair, another is our coordinator and her fiance is planning our music.

As for my MOH I think she's helped set up at least half of this thing.

The Raybould Family said...

Photography is expensive. I couldn't believe how much ours cost, but we got the best Rexburg has and he was really good. The only reason I wish I had to pay half a million instead of a million is that he didn't take pictures of me and my sister, me and my SIL's and sister, me and my 3 brothers. You know... the fun family pictures. We didn't have time. But he didn't really think of it either. Sad day. Now I want to see your pictures, too!

natalie + joshua said...

My visiting teacher in connecticut offered to take my wedding pictures for free (except costs for transportation)...yes amazing deal. She took my engagements, (which I absolutely love) all over Manhattan. They turned out incredible. After thinking about this for a long time, I opted to have a professional, with professional training take my wedding pictures. BAD IDEA. My VT has since started a photography business and does incredible work. MY BIGGEST REGRET OF MY WEDDING NOT TAKING ADVANTAGE OF MY FRIENDOR photographer. Check out her blog

I think you made a wonderful decision to go with Kelli...and her work is fabulous :)

Jenna said...

Kelli-You are my favorite Friendor. Don't tell the others.

Natalie-Not many people end up telling stories like yours, usually it is the Friendor that fails them miserably. Your VT is quite talented. So sorry you had to regret that!