Friday, August 29, 2008

The Wedding Bands: A First Look

Continuing with the wedding band creation process by bddesigns, today we have hammering and engraving.

Engraving. My handwriting is so terrible with a pen, I can't imagine using a hammer.

Hammering. Look fun doesn't it?

A smooth finish, 1/4 inch band for That Groom.

My finished trio. I'll reveal what the inscription says when I receive them in the mail.

Did you do something untraditional for your wedding bands?


Guilty Secret said...

I don't think of myself as particularly traditional but one thing I'm really looking forward to having is my very plain, simple 2.5m white gold wedding band.

I totally love yours though :)

Blablover5 said...

My grandfather had engraving tools when we were growing up she we were always going into his shop and putting various letters onto wood.

It was tons of fun.

As for non traditional stuff, um can I just say most of it?

Kay said...

i love them - and i love that she's "letting you in" on the process, it makes it more intimate and interesting... can't wait to see them when they come in and learn about the inscription.


Anonymous said...

Who ever this artist is they seem to have amazing abilities!

Tiffany said...

i love the trio! very cool that they can do the inscription on such a small surface.

Anonymous said...

I thought I could contribute to this awesome thread. One of my bride and grooms recently took a workshop here in NY where they learned to anneal and forge their own rings out of old jewelry. I just loved this idea and thought what a COOL DIY and green element to any wedding!

Check out my post of their wedding here