Thursday, September 18, 2008

Evelyn: Broken :(

I just did something really sad. I stuffed my beautiful dress into a tiny little cardboard box and sent it back to the bridal shop in Utah. This turn of events happened when I revealed her to my mom in Washington and she pointed out two major problems.

I wouldn't want to have to be on my hands and knees searching for missing buttons on my wedding day! The button on the left is connected by only one string.

This was the biggest problem. The bridal shop informed me that this looping is custom made by the designer when the dress is made, and we had been unable to find any cord that would match in our hometown.

Yes, this might seem like an overreaction to those who don't have wedding dresses, or who aren't getting married, but I spent so much money, as many other brides can identify with. The most expensive garment I ever own should be flawless straight out of the shop.

When we discovered the problem, I began conversing back and forth with the owner of the shop. This was a really smart move on my part, because now I have everything in writing if their are any problems (I think you can imagine how nervous I am that I am not going to have it back in time for my wedding in 23 days!). I thought my grandma could fix it at first, but things weren't going well, and the shop owner finally agreed to pay for 2 day shipping both ways and fix the problems at no extra charge.

I really want to like this shop, and I think I still do, but right now everything is hinging on how speedy they return the dress, and how it looks when I pull it back out of the box again.

To keep this post from being a big bummer, I leave you with a little trivia. Who can name the character, TV show, episode, and missing prop from the reenactment below? Double points if you can quote her exactly. And tell me why she has the dress on. And a special high five from me if you can do it all without watching the quote below.

Scrub to about 1:10 if you need a little refresher (or just watch the whole 4 minutes, it's one of my favorite episodes!)

How did you handle your vendor snafus?


Guilty Secret said...

23 days should be plenty of time... just make sure you keep on their case so it stays top of mind and comes back quickly!

AmyJean said...

I think its awesome you got the vendor to agree to do that. Considering how much you pay, your dress should be beautiful and reflect the beautiful bride :) Good luck!

Shaylene Rene' Photography said...

Monica on Friends and you are missing the yellow gloves!!!!! That episode is so funny!! Rachel answers the door "I Doooo" and it is not Chandler but that guy she is dating!

Heather said...

yes, shay is right. BUT she missed the fact that the reason she is wearing it is because she picked it up for her brother's fiance, Emily, and she kept wearing it. it's season four, obviously :)