Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Those Invitation Inserts

That Bride and her slick haired salesman friend are back to walk you through the confusing details of her invitation inserts. If you didn't know, That Bride will have a temple ceremony with 35 people in attendance, a ring ceremony and dinner in Seattle for 120 people, and a tented reception for 200 (200 could come, it is TBD the number that will) at the home of a family friend.

Salesman: "Those invited to Seattle received a small invitation card insert, inviting them to the ring ceremony and dinner to follow. The curly decorative motif from the announcement was copy and pasted here as well to tie the inserts to the booklet."

That Bride: "Leaving these cards out of every invitation was incredibly difficult. I truly wish we had a venue large enough to seat everyone."

Salesman: "Another piece that was only sent out in 75 of the invitations to the Seattle guests, this map was a collaborative design between That Mother and That Bride. It is a Mapquest map live traced using Adobe Illustrator. The road numbers, directions, temple, heart, and Elliot Bay were all added in using Photoshop. This was provided to help guests understand the need for transportation between the temple and the ring ceremony location.

The last two elements are the only invitation elements not cut or ripped by hand from full sized sheets of paper.

Not one, but six different RSVP postcards were created. Three different fronts were designed for two different backs. Each photo below is one That Bride took during her visit to Poland, which she then texturized to give a "vintage" feel. A post on how to texturize photos for this same effect will be up this week.

The photos below are of a Polish circlet (a term the bride came up with to describe a wreath hung above doorways, seen in an outdoor museum they visited), a 19th century Polish chapel steeple, and a real Polish castle she visited.All of these postcards have a delicious linen texture, ordered through That Mother's professional photo printing lab.

One of the two backs included the following text. The swirly motif comes through again, and the wedding website for the Seattle event is included at the bottom. The tropical fruit stamps did NOT match the vintage theme, but beyond hunting down other options on ebay, this was the only choice.

The RSVP postcard sent to hometown reception guests included a few less details, but the wonderful option of sending a personal message to the bride and groom. If only it asked for names as well, such nice messages are being sent, but they are all anonymous!

Every invitation included an engagement photo, and with individual invitations so different from each other already, why should only one type of photo be sent? The pocketfolds were stuffed with one of 14 different prints, none of which would satisfy your grandma as they are all atypical announcement photos with either one or both subjects faces obscured or featuring silhouettes.

The metallic printed, linen textured photos are actually the single most expensive piece of the invitation, coming in at just over $1 each. This was completely unintentional, and should teach all of you a good lesson. If you are getting a good deal on professional products, make sure the professional does the ordering. This is a mistake that cost 70 cents 275 times over."

That Bride: "Thanks to my slick haired salesman friend for walking all of you through my invitations, as I am a little bit shy about presenting such an imperfect product so dear to my heart. Criticism can be directed towards him at slicksalesman@ifyoucantsayanythingnicedontsayanythingatall.com.
Feel free to direct all compliments my way :)

A big thanks needs to go to That Mother and Elizabeth Anne Designs for the amount of work they contributed towards this project. Although I do not believe That Mother is interested in any further invitation projects (until That Sister gets engaged that is), EAD were a pleasure to work with, and I am happy to call them my friends after this experience.

So happy it is over......


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

everything looks wonderful! I know you're so happy with them!

Blablover5 said...

I love the RSVP postcards.

They look so cool I'd be scared that no one would send them back as they'd want to keep them.

Whitney said...

wow. Jaren said if we could do it again we'd do the nice expensive one's you had to put together that I wanted rather badly for just family and those invited to the ceremony. Then we'd get cheap one's for everyone else. Sure would have saved us a lot of money but I loved my invites.

Single Girl said...

They look soooo amazing Jenna! I am also glad you used the circlet for the RSVP cards, one of my votes.

♥ Celina

Skywalker said...

Very nice! Could That Bride do baby announcements in 18 months? Just saying - there could be a future in all of this.

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

All of your invitations and inserts look so good!! You guys worked so hard!!

By the way, it sounds like even at $1, your photos were still a great deal! Our photographer ordered some "proofs" for us to use in our guestbook, and they were a $1 each - her price! No metallic, no linen paper...
I love the metallic, though - I am sure they look BEAUTIFUL!

Jess and Carl said...

I love everything Jenna! You are amazing! And as much as I love the postcard and want to keep it... I have already responded and will drop it in the mail tomorrow!

Allie said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who's including assorted photos in their stationary. Everyone has been telling me that I'm overcomplicating it (which I don't understand — they're just photos, people), but we have so many great engagement photos, it doesn't seem right to only use one for the save-the-date. Glad you decided to use various shots too — yours are so fun!

Jenna said...

blablover-I had a few people do just that! Luckily I created a website where they could RSVP and so everything worked out okay.

skywalker-I don't think I could go through that again. Although I have officially caught the crafting bug now...

riley-Proof prices are insane! I am lucky to be able to get all my prints through my mom. I'll save hundreds on wedding photos. My poor photographer!

allie-I thought it was fun! I think guests would have preferred photos that were less "artsy" but I thought it was nice that they could compare invitations and talk about what each got!