Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Almost The Best Thing

That Husband is still sleeping, and I am just to excited to stay in bed. I'll have you know that he not only supports my honeymoon blogging, but encourages it. Yesterday he asked me "Have you done your blogging for the day yet?"
Am I not the luckiest?

I think it is time to show you one of my favorite wedding planning epiphanies. I read all the bride blogs (really, I try to read all of them because I am crazy) and I have never seen anyone else do this. If you know me, you know that there are few things I love more than originality.

That, would be the wedding cake. Preserved for days through the power of tupperware. I packed the container in with my wedding decor boxes and bags with a note inside instructing my DOC to put cake inside and send it up to our room.

We have enjoyed it so much, we are headed back to the shop today to buy a few more slices for the rest of the honeymoon. I am going to have to inquire about shipping costs to Dallas for next October.

If you are married what epiphany did you enjoy the most in retrospect?


Guilty Secret said...

I'm still "squeeing" at "That Husband"!

Mmm, cake. I can't wait to be honeymooning eating cake...

Blablover5 said...

Due to so many guest canceling I am starting to fear we're gonna have a ton of leftover cake.

But I did just have a thought since we'll be staying in Minnesota and my fiance is absolutely mad about ice cream we could just put some outside the window to keep it cold at night.

Stefanie said...

We frequent the bakery that made our wedding cake. Mmmm. We devoured half of our top tier the day after the wedding. I had planned to tupperware the rest for the flight over to Hawaii, but alas, was a bit-braindead post-nuptial. I did manage to still satisfy my sweet tooth on the islands though...dessert every day, and the wedding dress wouldn't even fit 13 days later. I actually am kinda proud of that.

Single Girl said...


I want some!

Whitney R said...

Mmm, cake. What a great idea.

I just wish I had been able to eat more of our wedding food. Especially our luncheon food. It was so busy!

Single Girl said...

For my brothers wedding we packed a treat basket- cookies, drinks, cheese and crackers, choc covered strawberries, and 2 helpings of their dinner food. And Slipped it in their car right before they took off.

They called the next day to thank us, they didnt realise they hadnt eaten a thing all day.

Jenna said...

Guilty-I try to use the word husband as often as possible. I loved the word fiance, but it's just so fun to be a Mrs. and have a husband.

blab-We had about 20 fewer guests than we previously had anticipated and the cake was STILL almost gone at the end of the night. I'm sure the catering staff was pleased ot have a snack after all of the breakdown.

stefanie-I am already starting to feel fatter. It's just so easy to indulge when you are "mooning". Dessert before and after dinner? Yes please!

Whitney-I always thought I would be pigging out, but as a bride I was just so overwhelmed with happiness I could barely choke down my steak, let alone a few bites of cake.

single girl-we had a bridesmaid have cheese and crackers sent up to our room as a little surprise girft. I think I devoured it sometime around 3 am. I plan on doing it for all the couples I know that get married.

east side bride said...

We had a second little wedding cake left over that we all ate the next morning while we packed up the rentals :)

Congrats Jenna! Welcome to married lady life.

Mrs. in May said...

That is such a fun idea, i love it. I was thinking of doing that with our groom's cake which will be at the rehearsal which is at the hotel where we will be staying.

Can't wait to hear more about the wedding!!!!!