Friday, October 24, 2008

The BeeSuit!

I'm playing on the internet today while wearing the white pantsuit I wore the morning of my wedding. What makes this pantsuit so special? Why, it's my BeeSuit!

I'm so proud to be a Bee, I knew I had to honor it in some way in my wedding day. My Aunt has a professional embroidery machine and so I ordered a white jacket and pants through her and had her put on my avocado icon and the words "Bee Bride" in the same font that Weddingbee uses. The entire thing cost me $30, which I think is a steal for how absolutely adorable it is.

If I lived closer to her and her machine I would go into business creating these for brides full time, but alas, she is in Washington and I am in Texas now. It was such a wonderful thing for her to do for me and since I am taking classes online now I plan on wearing it multiple times each week. Good thing we are getting a washer/dryer this weekend so I can keep it sparkling clean!

What are you/did you wear(ing) the morning of your wedding?


Whitney R said...

I remember when she got the embroidery machine.

What did I wear... I think pajamas to get ready in and then a dress to the Temple.

Rockstarbride said...

looks great! and very comfy :) Y

Mrs. Forever said...

That's adorable!!

Paisley said...

You look very cute! Welcome to Texas ya'll!

Topanga Bay said...

Oh I love your outfit! Can't wait to see more pics.'ve been tagged!