Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hometown Reception Eats

In all of my blogging about the actual wedding I have rarely mentioned my hometown reception happening tonight. Since I am honeymooning up until the reception, I am not exactly setting this event up. I sort of planned it. I rented the tent, and emailed the caterer a few times. It's strange letting someone else do most of the work after planning such a huge event down to the tiniest detail this past weekend.

We are planning for somewhere around 140, but expecting around 100. We are re-purposing the wedding centerpieces. There will be a tent. There will be the wedding slideshow. There will be lots of solar lights glowing like fairies. There will possibly be golf carts transporting people from the makeshift gravel parking lot to the house. There will be food.

Polish poppyseed cake!

Oh the food! The caterer has been researching traditional Polish dishes and will be incorporating them into what I like to think of as our Bitty Bites Menu. I drool a little bit every time I read through this menu.........

Polish Foods

Mini cabbage rolls
Pierogi w/ meat filling
Potato pancakes (That MIL's favorite dish!)

Pierogi w/ fruit filling
Sernik (Polish cheesecake with chocolate glaze)
Poppyseed cake
American Foods

Beef satay
Mini french fry packets
Crudites with hummus

Fruit w/ dip (the caterer's mother's recipe!)
Mini apple pie bites
Chocolate decadence (I actually don't know what this is, but doesn't it sound amazing?)


Warm Apple Cider
Fruit flavored water

I am not really sure how I am so spoiled as to enjoy two wedding reception so utterly fabulous. This started off as a small little get together we were going to do for our friends back home, and has turned into quite the party! I think it's going to be such a fairy tale moment when we drive up and see how everything has come together. Plus I get to wear my dress again! We aren't having a pro photographer for this one, but I am sure there will be someone to wield my mom's camera and capture the event. I'm so excited to share the details (and so many others) with you very soon!


EthidiumBromide said...

If there are golf carts, might I suggest decorating them in tulle or ribbon? I was a bridesmaid in a wedding this summer which involved golf cart transportation and was given the task of "making the golf carts look like they fit into the wedding." Not only were they fun to decorate, but they were a huge hit with the guests!

Anonymous said...

I hope you had fun this evening! Your food sounds really tasty - I wish I was there! :)

Guilty Secret said...

Hope you had a fantastic time. How wonderful to be able to put your dress back on!

Jenna said...

ethidium-I think guests are really wishing that we would have decorated them in some way so that they blocked out a little bit more of the cold!