Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Event of The Year

And I'm invited!

I hinted at it on That Wife a few days ago, bragging about how I was "best friends" with the girls that run Elizabeth Anne Designs. It all started when they became my "Invitation Consultants." If you read EAD and saw the photos I took of Ami's Invitation and RSVP you might have already put two and two together and know that I AM INVITED TO THE VOW RENEWAL OF AMI ELIZABETH! I'm not usually a fan of using all caps, but this is a special occasion indeed.

Even better? I'm ATTENDING!

That Husband brought home this little treat for me a few weeks ago. The calligraphy was so beautiful that I had to make him visit Laura Hoopers website to believe it wasn't done by a machine. I love that Ami included baseball stamps since the welcome party has a baseball theme!

It's all swirly and mottled now, but the invitation is so simple, clean, and beautiful in real life. See that? The big party is in Atlanta, Georgia. It will be my first visit to the "true" south. AND it's a New Years Eve Vow Renewal!

This pretty RSVP package box came in a separate package. Ohhhhhh it's beautiful. So pretty that I think it's the perfect box to hold all of my own wedding mementos.

I opened the box to find a handwritten note addressed just to me! Ami and I have never met in real life (though we've logged a LOT of gchat hours) so the note was full of girlish anticipation of our upcoming first meeting!

I've referred to this little booklet several times already. It's packed full of all of the information a visitor to Atlanta could ever possibly need. I should have booked an extra day for my trip just to try to fit some of it in!

I'm very excited about this super secret project that I already know about. I wish I could fold up my blog(s) and deliver them. What item better represents who I am today? Any ideas what I should include instead?

The RSVP was exquisite. Definitely the most beautiful paper product I have ever seen. I had a hard time putting the RSVP in the mail, but I knew from talking to Ami every day that she was really looking forward to getting them so I got it to her as quickly as possible!

Throughout the course of my stay I will attend a spa party with the girls, Atlanta Braves themed welcome party, the luxe vow renewal (photographed by Jessica Claire!), and a delicious farewell brunch!

Want to know where you come in? I need help picking out a dress! Come back tomorrow to help me decide what dress to wear to my first black tie event!


AmyJean said...

That is so exciting and looks so fun! Those invites are beautiful!

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

you're so sweet! xoxo!

Jenny.Lee said...

Aww how exciting!!!

ka1t_lyn said...

That is so great! I saw the post about these on EAD and they are so amazing! Enjoy :)

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

they are so gorgeous! you're going to have so much fun!!!

Shaylene Rene' Photography said...

Jessica Clair?! I am so jealous!
P.S. I thought you were just blogging on That Wife now... whoops!

Jenna said...

Shaylene-I can't give up That Bride!