Monday, November 10, 2008

Like My Idea, but Much Much Better

Once upon a time I posted this photo and suggested the idea of turning it into a way to display my postcard guestbook.

Neomi took the idea and ran with it, coming up with something much better. She created a memory tree for her friends shower by emailing all guests beforehand and asking them to bring along a photo of the honored guest throughout the years. The photos helped people connect as they reminisced about the memories involved, and I bet the bride loved finding out about photos she never knew existed.

Image from Neomi's fabulous blog!

I love to see ideas being passed around and reinterpreted throughout wedding blogging land.


Neomi said...

OMGoodness! Thank you so much for your kind words :)

Now I need to post part two of the Memory Tree. And maybe some wedding updates from her event, which was LOVELY. I can't believe I'm on That Bride's blog.

OK OK I'll settle down and update now. :P

Neomi said...

OK OK! I've updated my blog with Part two. After I had all the photos, I made a Memory Album with them. And I added a little How To at the end of my post.

Jenna said...

Very cool Neomi! I love love love what you did. I hope I can find participants to do the same for my sister someday.