Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Teaser 6: Receptioning

Choosing this photos was really difficult to me. Do I choose one of the many details I had been slaving over for so long? What about the first dance shot, or the cake cutting, or the toasts?

You might be thinking "Hmmm what a strange choice." Well, here are the reasons I love this photo:

1. This moment was completely unexpected, and in no way planned for by me. The best man was our MC and suggested we play a little game to break the ice around the tables while people ate dinner. I wasn't so excited about the idea, as I didn't want the reception feeling like a game show with contests and prizes, but I liked his suggestion of having everyone in the room try to guess how to spell my new husbands middle name. The best man threw a little twist in the game when he revealed that it was actually the entire room competing against ME!
2. So the emotion you are seeing in my face is pure shock and disbelief. I actually spelled his middle name correctly! It must be a sign of true love or something, because my husbands middle name is MIECZYSLAW. Not only is it crazy authentically Polish, but it is made-up Polish (Shhh! Don't tell the other Poles, apparently they don't make up names all the time like we do in America!)
3. This, to me, is true photojournalism at its best. It's real and open and honest and it captures every single thing I was thinking and feeling in that moment.
4. I must have reapplied my lip gloss just before this shot was taken. I think it looks nice. :)

Think you can stay strong and keep it a surprise for just a little bit longer? If not, visit the rest of the photos by Kelli Nicole here.


Anonymous said...

Wait... what? That's a made up Polish name? It TOTALLY looks real. Ok, you are now officially a Polack if you could spell THAT based on pronunciation alone. ;)

AmyJean said...

That is so cute! I love the pic! and the game is so creative!

Blablover5 said...

He he he, those crazy polish names. They must have run out of vowels and made due.

TwinCities Bride said...

Hi Jenna,
So I sneaked and looked at the rest of the photos on Kelli's blog. Gorgeous photos!! I do have a questions for you though. When/if you do the recap on the photo booth it would be great to hear how that worked logistically...did you have a photographer/second shooter stationed there, how long was it "open", did guests have a way to take photos home that night? They are hilarious, I hope my friends will be as witty as yours! Thanks!

CrstnBeach said...

Looking at your photos is just making me depressed. How can mine (May wedding!) ever live up?! You are just gorgeous and your photographer captured your true joy, but you've also managed to make it unbelievably classic and original (suitcases! wow!). Congratulations on your wedding joy but also on your amazing photography!!

ka1t_lyn said...

First, I can't resist and I have been sneaking peeks at Kelli's blog.

Second, you are not only a Polak by marriage, but a Polak by default after spelling that right! We women tend to memorize the names of men we love but that is intense! :)

And yes, your lip gloss does look nice :)

Sarah said...

So candid and wonderful!

Jenna said...

Purple-I was told it was made up, but a commenter on WB said that she is married to someone with a grandfather with the same name!

twincities-I think I will do a second post about the photo booth for you detailing the logistics. I hope I can round up some non-pro pics of what the room looked like!

crstnbeach-I would never want anyone to feel that way! I do start to think that whenever I look at some of the other amazing weddings you can find online. It's hard not to want to compare. Don't do it though! Just work on making your wedding unique and personal to you.

Tiffany said...

the look on your face is so awesome, I love it!

Shaylene Rene' Photography said...

I loved this shot the first moment I saw it! And I noticed that your lipgloss looked so great too!

Guilty Secret said...

Great shot, great story. So true that it's the bits other people plan that make the day/night.