Friday, November 14, 2008

Teaser 8: So long! Farewell!

After being showered with ecofetti outside the hotel we hopped in the car and drove away. Wait... we were spending the night at Hotel 1000 that night, why would we get in the car and drive away?

Why, to get shots like this of course!

Reasons why I love this photo:

1. I wanted something iconic, something to end our wedding album with a bang.
2. I had pretty high expectations about this photo. These are the photos that inspired it*:

I think Kelli did a pretty amazing job!
3. Kelli was exhausted by this point. It was somewhere around 8:00 PM and she had been shooting me since somewhere around 7:00 AM. Actually we were all exhausted, as I had been going non-stop since about 5:30 AM that morning.
4. There is a shot of me as a senior in high school, standing in this same park, with this same view of Seattle that That Groom absolutely adores. My mom gave a huge print to him as a gift once, and it just might be his all-time favorite photo of me. It's official, this is our park now. Someday we will have to find a way to take family phots here as well.
5. I would imagine all brides become attached to the city they are married in, and I love that this is our shot of the city we got married in.

Until I get my Dvd(s) of pro-pics back, that wraps things up for now. I still have a few posts up my sleeve though, so you can bet I'll be posting things until then. After that, it's time to decide what is going to happen to my dear, dear That Bride blog!

*John and Joseph Photography and Photogen-Inc


Ruby Slippers said...

Jenna, your photos - and this one in particular - are nothing less than spectacular! You must be so thrilled! This one certainly came out more beautifully than either of your inspiration photos. Wow. You're going to have the biggest album in the world to fit in all the beautiful shots Kelli took! And this one would make a stunning wraparound canvas!

Courtney said...

WHERE/WHAT is this park? SO awesome!!!

Blablover5 said...

Gorgeous scenery picture that came out wonderfully. It would be a fun one to play with in photoshop.

I wonder if there's a little rescue center or maybe re-tooling center for wedding blogs when the owner has gotten married and is ready to move on? Cause mine is gonna need some help too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is a lovely picture! Both you and TH are so photogenic! Lucky you guys :)

Jennifer said...

You really out did yourself. That Photo is gourgeous!

Hannah Noel said...

That is great!! I need to come up with my own "inspiration" photos!

Jessica @ budgetsavvybride said...

this photo is very iconic and classic- loooooove it!

Erica said...

Is that Gas Works? LOVE that place!

ka1t_lyn said...

What an amazing photo, like so many of the rest. You truly had an amazing photographer, and a dedicated one at that! You guys look lovely, you're so photogenic!

Tiffany said...

as somebody that lives in Seattle I am going to say that is the best wedding photo ever! Can I copy you? I want one now!

Is that Kerry Park?

Sarah said...

That's such an amazing photo ... I keep coming back to it.

Guilty Secret said...

I like yours best out of these three. Score!

Jenna said...

Ruby-I don't know how I am ever going to make an album out of all of these. And then there are the engagements, and the bridals, and the after shoot. SO MANY PICTURES.

Courtney, Erica, and Tiffany-It is actually Kerry Park up on Queen Anne hill. I had my senior pictures taken up there as well, so I absolutely love that place! There were lots of homecoming kids posing out there as well.
And Tiffany, go ahead and copy away. I'm sure you will be looking so fashionable and stylish up there!