Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wedding Day Science

I love this story I found on the In A Frame Photography blog! I hope they don't mine me pulling their words and images and reposting them here.

Art and I were shooting this fairy tale picture - Anh being swung around by Klay. Clad in white - this couple looked wonderful.

But then it happened - something out of a bad Tide-To-Go commercial that makes you gasp. They fell! On the very green grass. Words I can’t repeat were uttered! However, we all know Tide-To-Go doesn’t actually work — so it appeared these two would be left with a few grass stains to serve as a painful reminder of the twirl pose.

Unknown to me though, apparently the groomsmen were all chemistry majors. It would seem they had found their calling at the wedding — no more standing around — they rushed to the task of utilizing their hard earned college education!

Why they carried certain chemicals around I’ll never know - but they tested the composition of Anh and Klay’s grass stains and measured out a few vials of liquid.

And you know what? It worked — that grass stain came right out. Makes you wonder if you should reconsider who you’re choosing as your groomsmen eh? What special talent will they bring to the wedding day?

We had wonderful groomsmen, but none of them were given the opportunity to demonstrate such skills on our wedding day. How did your wedding party impress you? Any skills they have which you know you will be relying on?

Check out the full wedding here! I love love love the button mum cake topper.


Anonymous said...

The science nerd within me is quite impressed by this! I wonder what they used...

Blablover5 said...

Sadly with my sciencey background the best I could do is purify the DNA of a few of the guests.

Those wacky chem majors, you just never know what they'll get up to.

ka1t_lyn said...

How neat! I wonder what they used.

Silvia said...

this is such a cute and funny story! I wonder what they used!

Jenna said...

I still can't believe they were carrying around the correct chemicals with them!