Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winner of Green Bride Guide Contest

Now that the holidays have passed and I have a little more time on my hands, I'm ready to announce the winner of the Green Bride Guide contest. I used a random number generator and the winner is commenter #8:

Which is Krista:

Her comment:
We're trying to be eco-friendly in our wedding, and in our lives! Re-usable items (the site owns their own candle holders we can use for the night), reducing waste (no favours people will just throw out), and recycling (everything we can!) will be our goals. I haven't decided about bm and gm clothing, but some above posters have had some great ideas to have them wear clothing they already own OR will actually wear again (not pretend to wear again!).
To that end in our lives, we have recently switched to bringing our own bags to the grocery store. No more plastic bags for us! We still forget sometimes, but not often. We grocery shop every week, so we might forget the bags once every six weeks.
I love when brides look past the wedding day with the changes and decisions they make. When my close friends are planning their weddings in the future I will definitely be turning to all of your comments for ways to help them be a little more green. Thanks to everyone who participated, I hope I get the chance to do another great giveaway like this in the future!

Krista I'll be trying to get in touch with you to get your address, but feel free to email me thatbride at gmail dot com, if you read this!

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Krista said...

Thanks, Jenna. I'll try to post some of the tips from the book on my blog, so others can benefit from the book, too. And, like many of my books, my fiance & family will probably borrow the book and read it, too. :)