Monday, October 22, 2007

This Is Married Life

I got married a few weeks ago, and as I am sure Molly will come back and report about her own wedding day, the day was Mary Poppins perfect (you know, practically perfect in every way). I'm not naive, I know that it was only perfect because I ripped my hair out planning everything down to the last detail. I even took apart my shoes and glued a button on them because I convinced myself I need just one. more. project.

Here we are awkwardly crouching in the woods and kissing on the wedding day during our over-planned "first look" moment.

You want to know what I didn't plan for? Real life.

My husband was living in Dallas without me during the time of our engagement so I had no idea what I would be moving down to find. Our first night at "home" as a married couple did not turn out the way I had planned. There was no carrying the fair maiden over the threshold and welcoming her to the new abode.

There were dirty dishes. Dirty dishes that were 2 weeks old.


And worst of all, no bed. Sleepover time was not quite as fun as when I was 12. Sometimes in the middle of the night I reached my arm over my head just to make sure he was still there. Maybe I was just dreaming?

That was our first night together at home, the next morning we got up and started moving from this slightly trashed 1 bedroom apartment to a 2 bedroom apartment in the same complex. We didn't even fight one time (I had anticipated we would fight at least twice) and our mattress was delivered as promised so things were looking up.

Then we went to bed and woke up to find ants. Ants in my pants. Literally. And in the sheets, and on the pillow, and crawling all over us. We flicked them off and pinched them between our fingers and washed them off of our clothes and down the drain.

We ordered a gas dryer for an apartment that only supports electric appliances. Rookie mistake. I'm blogging from the business center because the internet won't be set up in our new apartment until sometime next week. I lost one of my wedding bands in the move.

Married life is hard. I'm 11 days in and it's already tough. But having that one person to share everything with is so worth it. We are one, in every sense of the word. We have never shared our beds with each other before this, and there are few things better than reaching for his hand at 3 AM. Or the way it sounds when he calls me wife.


J and J Acres said...

I love the aftermath pictures. "For better or worse" comes to mind! :)

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I just celebrated my 12th anniversary and trust me - things will go from bad to worse then wonderful and amazing so get ready for the ride!

Anonymous said...

Super cute!

Guilty Secret said...

Sorry to hear you lost one of your rings :(

Love your 'warts and all' approach.

Anonymous said...

Boo on dirty houses, ants, lost rings and moving right away! I hope things are going better now! :)

Real life can be interesting though, can't it? I am still not completely used to sleeping next to someone else (who makes noise - I'm a light sleeper) in a different bed than my childhood one, so some days I am just wandering around like a tired delinqent. Not fun.

When DH and I arrived to our condo after the day-after-brunch at my parent's house, it was completly full of boxes as well. Fortunately there was a bed, for I basically just slept all afternoon :P

P.S. It says you made this post in 2007. Weird.

sassafras said...

The good news is it can only get better, right? Congrats on your marriage!

Jenna said...

betrothed-I dated it so it wouldn't appear in my rss feed and so it would stay "hidden" until Molly provided the link for it. I was pressed for time and it was the best I could do :)