Monday, September 22, 2008

The Wedding Bands: D-U-N, Done

I have been getting a lot of things in the mail lately, but the box containing our wedding bands was one of my favorite deliveries. Christen exceeded my expectations with her detailed craftsmanship, and I can only hope that the groom will end up wearing his as he didn't give any input in the design or ordering of the bands (he doesn't really want to wear one, but I told him he has to try).

I love the fine grain texture even more than I anticipated I would, and I think it is going to be just the width he was looking for. He didn't really give me any input at all, so it's going to end up being a surprise to him on the wedding day.

I ordered three stacking rings with a hammered texture and each of the rings is inscribed inside of the band. The outer rings are inscribed with our names, and the inside is inscribed with the quote that has morphed into the central theme of our wedding.
"Are we not like two volumes of the same book?"

When I wear all three rings together, our names act as bookends to the quote. I love this little, private detail that the casual observer will never know about.

Our rings cost a total of $105 with shipping. Yes, they are not made of the sturdiest metal money can buy, and yes they will tarnish with age, but I ordered them fully aware of both of those facts (the tarnishing I am actually kind of excited about). It meant more to me to stay under budget and find something personalized and unique for us as a couple. I don't plan on wearing my wedding bands all the time, unless I am in Poland, since wedding bands are worn on the right ring finger there and I really just wanted them for that reason. Also because I wanted to have actual rings to give to each other at our ring exchange ceremony :)

What small detail about your engagment ring/wedding band makes you smile whenever you see it?

Want to see these rings being made? Check out my posts on the soldering and engraving.


Guilty Secret said...

The small detail for me is the way it look when I wear them together, the way I see my mother's hand on the end of my arm... the sheer marriedness of it!

Hooray for Etsy, I made my first Etsy purchase this weekend... can't wait to share it on my blog!

Blablover5 said...

I really love the wood engraved look on his ring.

Hopefully he'll love it and want to wear it every day for the rest of his life. But considering how many guys throw such a fuss about it maybe most guy bands should come with a free hypnotist.

GetMarried4Less/LadyT said...

love these girl! they are beautiful and personal and gonna look great when they get that patina look to them.

as for rings yet....i know! isn't it crazy??? our rings will be expensive for us....mine will be about $280 and his should run about $100.....we'll come right under $400....for some thats incredibly cheap, for others expensive. for us.....a lot less than i originally thought we'd spend and we're both getting exactly what we wanted!

eventually.....when we order the durn things. lol.

my favorite personal detail is the dress. the only thing that i've really truly put my heart and mind into has been how i look that day. i want him to feel as if i've literally dropped from heaven. i'm sure no one else will....but hoping he'll feel that way.

Skywalker said...

Very nice!

To answer you question...The fact that I picked it out myself - Remember the Sex and the City episode where Aiden picked out the bad ring? Yeah, I had nightmares about that. So I went to the store myself, picked it out, brought the fiance along on another day and we picked the entire set together.

I love how my ring sparkles - it reminds me of my husband's eyes. I don't know why.

Shanna said...

How funny...I leave a message for you on saturday, and then I got your invite today which was beautiful by the way! Thank You for thinking of us. I just looked at the registry and you have some good stuff hmmm....:) I am happy you got the Kitchenaid. I have one, and they defneately are a must!

Jenna said...

Guilty-You are just too adorable. I like the perspective it gives me on my rings as well.

skywalker-I know there are girls that pick out their rings themsleves and are totally happy with their fiances choice, I am just glad I am not one of them.

Fritz said...

i just recently got engaged and the best part about my ring, besides the fact the center stone was my grandmothers, is the small diamonds that are at the base of the setting, that you can really only see if you look under the fiance has amazing taste!!

Darci said...

Hey Jenna! I love that you actually bought some of these rings, these are seriously so great. And I love the message you decided on!

Jenna said...

fritz-He really does have amazing taste. I LOVE secret details.