Monday, March 17, 2008

Vendor: Fleur Bliss

I booked my first vendor! I don't even actually have any idea what my budget is yet, but I am not going to dwell on that in the midst of all of this excitement.

Freshman year I lived next to this genius of a girl named Katie Shirley. She hung up weird art, and was actually getting paid by the University to attend (yeah, one of those fancy scholarship people), and was just one of my favorite people ever. Then she married this weird guy Mark (who turned out to be not so weird after all) and they lived happily ever after.

Now she is apparently putting those genius brain cells to good use knowing everything there is to know about floral design. Seriously, she was naming off flowers all over the place while I was talking to her, I couldn't google them fast enough. Go on over to her site and check her out at fleur bliss. If you are in the Portland area give her a call, and don't forget to tell her that Jenna sent you.

Now for some floral eye candy:

It is so fun knowing her and seeing her designs, because everything looks just like her. I think the pearls strung through the bouquet are very elegant.

Things I love about this bouquet: 1. No roses. 2. A touch of whimsy. 3. The purple color.

Heather Bateman are these not your latest idea for your wedding colors?

So much texture, I love it. And if I am not mistaken there are some button mums in there. I learned what those are today. I love me some button mums.


Sarah said...

Ahh congrats! Your first vendor, that is too exciting.

The only thing we have figured out so far is the wedding planner. But we are still 27 months out, lol.

Jenna said...

sarah-I wish I knew what my budget is so that I can book my wedding planner. I am absolutely determined have one.

Emily said...

very chic! Flowers are the one big thing I have left to figure out. Too bad I am not in Portland!

Jenna said...

emily-I think that lots of girls in Portland think the same thing, she told me she has 30 weddings this Summer!

Amanda said...

Man, I love that purple bouquet - it's so gorgeous. Congrats on figuring out your first vendor!

Jenna said...

amanda-I think the purple bouquet is my favorite as well. I can't wait until I can start announcing the rest of my vendors. The To-Do list is still so long!