Monday, April 14, 2008

2 Ring Bride?

Vote using the poll on the right!

Let's not worry about how this happened, let's just accept that it did. Which ring should stay and which ring should go? (And yes that is a Jasmine Pez Dispenser holding up the first ring)

Ring 1: My first love. My own little buttercup.

Ring 2: Hundreds of dollars cheaper and comes with a matching wedding band. And still costs less than Ring 1.

I made a poll, how fun! Please vote in the poll on the right. And make me an offer for whichever one I decide not to keep :)


alissa said...

I like the surprise idea:) They're both very unique!

ps you've been tagged! you can read the rules on my blog

east side bride said...

Can you take a pic with ring #1 on your finger? I feel like I can't really see it. (Um, I'm obsessive too. But I kind of think you should go with your first love. Look how you talk about it.)

Guilty Secret said...

I voted for ring 1 because, like you said, it was your first love!

Dawn & Spence said...

Girl, I am with ring 2 all the way! I am in LOVE with it!!! It's everything you said it was and more! :-)

Angel said...

I might be in the minority here, but I love ring two. It's reminiscent of my 1950s wedding set, so I'm biased. I showed the picture to my guy and he said the same thing...ring two all the way.

Jenna said...

eastside-No need for more picture, I think I made my choice!

guilty-I think that is as good as reason as any for me to pick it.

Dawn-I wish I could show it to you in real life.

angel-My Grandma actually kind of wants to buy ring 2 from me (which I think is a good thing, she's got some great taste)

Erin and Todd said...

i tagged you in my blog!

and i like ring #1.