Tuesday, April 1, 2008

That Bride: Unveiled!

I feel so terrible! I am thousands of posts behind in my "wedding related" folder on google reader and because of this I missed the post on the Unveiled blog that featured my humble little blog. I really am so grateful! If you stopped by because of that post in particular, welcome!

Justine was one of my favorite bloggers from the moment she created her blog. I somehow stumbled on it as soon as she started posting, and I have been hooked ever since. She coined the term "unbride" and has started this movement that has resulted in the creation of the Unveiled society as well as an Unbride community. I love it all!

If you are looking for some non-traditional inspiration, or having a tough time letting go of the idea that there are things that you MUST do for your wedding, click on any of the links above to see that there are other options out there. I love this little movement Justine started because I think it is a great way for brides to see that they really can do whatever they dream up in their quest to make their wedding as unique as possible. If you would like to be listed on the unveiled blogroll, simply send Justine an email and she will add you (just remember to send her the address of your site, something I forgot to do the first time around :) )

Did any of you find this this blog because of that post?


Amanda said...

Nope, you were one of the first bride blogs that I started reading several months ago! So I've been webstalking you for ages. :P


Jenna said...

amanda-I'm flattered that you decided to keep coming back. I hope I cn say something helpful once in awhile, instead of just asking for advice all of the time :)

Kate said...

I did! I'm so glad too - as I rather enjoy reading your blog. I love that Justine created Unveiled for all of us to find each other. :)

east side bride said...

Nope! I found you when you posted on my blog. I have to say... In what way is "Unbride" Um, UNbride?

Jenna said...

kate-Isn't it addicting to join these little online communities? I am glad you enjoy reading!

east side bride-I think an unbride can call themselves that when they recoginze they have other options, and they won't be judgmental if someone else decides to do something differently than they do. It doesn't mean you don't have a bouquet or a white dress, but it does mean that you aren't afraid to take risks. I can see you embracing the unbride spirit yourself.