Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Why blog?

Swayzie thinks this is the funniest shirt ever, and I can tell he really wants to buy it and wear it around. If you also would like to get it, it can be found here. Although if you are reading this blog you are probably a blogger yourself, and I don't know why you would want to join him in mocking your own pastime.

I only have 9 school days left, then 2 reading days, and then another dreaded round of finals start. Usually when people get really busy and stressed they let their blog drop off, but most likely you will see an increase of short and sweet (and hopefully kind of interesting) posts from me. Blogging is like my therapy. I am apparently as extroverted as they come, and there is no high I like more than checking my stats and seeing how many readers I have for the day and going through my comments and writing replies.

So when I have insane amounts of homework to do I set up little rewards for myself, which include posting fun things on my blogs and reading and replying to other peoples posts. With the thoughts of squeezing into what I hope will be a tiny little dress on my mind, blogging will be much healthier for me than the scoops of ice cream I usually use for motivation.

Why do you blog?


Claire and Steve said...

Yeah, I'm also blogging to help me deal with pre-finals stress!

Amanda said...

I blog to pass the time - it's also nice to share my interests and experiences with other people. :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Jenna

Thank you for adding me to your blogroll! I've really enjoyed reading your posts!

I started blogging to provide a resource for other earth friendly brides out there. But one of the side benefits has been all the interesting blogging peeps I've gotten to "meet."

Good luck with your finals! Try not to stress too much!

P.S. I'm adding you to my blogroll as well!

Big Shot said...

I wanna be on your blogroll.... I started blogging to help me organize my thoughts, really - especially for wedding planning. But its really a hobby I enjoy. Wish it could be a career. Looking into that, might pick up a book or two. I know they're out there.

amberdawn said...

I blog like you... it relieves stress and I have definitely used it as a reward several times before. Work before play, right? Did you know I am getting married in 134 days?

mnc said...

Hmmm...should I make a blog roll? LOL

I blog because I am having so much fun planning--and because I am an ex-daily newspaper reporter, so I need to write or I will flip out:)\
(Also, you'll be surprised how you really WILL gain a lot of readers somehow...)lol
BTW, How do you check your stats??

Jenna said...

claire-I am sure yours are really crazy as well. Good luck studying for the bar!

amanda-I like sharing things with people too, and feeling like I made a new friend when they share back. I am all about the low maintenance friendships that result from blogging.

jennifer-thanks for the add! You are a great resource for any type of bride, whether she wants to just go for a little bit of "green" at her wedding, or she wants to get back to nature. I like to consider myself one who is exactly in the middle.

bigshot-You already are on my blogroll. How do you think I could be reading your posts ever
Blogger: That Bride - Post a Commenty day? I have toyed around with the idea of blogging career as well, is one of my favorite bloggers!

Amber-I did not know but I love the reminders. It's all getting so close!

If there are others interested in checking their blogging stats like MNC, I use I am a huge fan!

Angel said...

Haha...I should own that shirt!

I blog as part of my business, but really I have all these different ideas and cool things I come across that I like putting them out there. Maybe only one or two people will ever read them, but you makes me happy.

Jenna said...

angel-I don't think that people should be encouraging the production of shirts like this. You get to blog as part of your job, so lucky!

Angel said...

Good point...I think I'll just look at it on your website when I need a good chuckle. I swear it was written for me to read (not wear).

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?