Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blast from The Past

Hello all you brides to be, I'm Emily. Jenna and I met our freshmen year of college- she used to tap dance on my head, (lived just a floor above me), and sold me some lip gloss that I absolutely loved. :) What a sweetheart, I have never met a more genuine and enthusiastic girl! Don't you just love reading her blogs?

Because I'm an old married lady- 3 years this summer- Jenna and I thought I could do a post on my wedding, the things I loved and things I would change if I could go back and do it again. I was in no way as detailed as Jenna has been, and that may be the first thing I would change. I didn't have enough fun with the details! I didn't look at all my options before choosing, but instead just went with whatever worked first... on the bright side, having this attitude did subdue my stress level, I'm sure.

01. Digital- Believe it or not 3 years ago my photographers option to buy a CD of your digital photos was beyond pricey, so we didn't do it and I've regretted it ever since. Sydney was an absolute doll to work with and I adore my wedding photos. Her candid photographer Heather and I are friends still (both new moms) and she is doing work on her own now. She caught the greatest candid moments the day of the wedding. (Black & White's below are by Heather) A while back Jenna posted about giving your guests blank CDs to send back to you with photos of the wedding. LOVE this idea, I had about 3 people give me photos of the wedding day on CD's and I ate them all up. You can never have too many pictures of your wedding. (The first two are photos friends took that I then edited to look pretty.) Another cute idea I hear once was to give one of your little flower girls a camera to capture the event from a child's eyes.

02. Wedding Video. Spend the money, a video of your special day is priceless. We had some family friends do it and it really turned out greater then I had ever imagined. Photos can only take you so far in remembering the moments. Jon and I watch our video every year on our anniversary. I love seeing the day in action.

03. Colors. I went with pinks. It was the in thing that summer. Hot pink skirts for my bridesmaids. They weren't awful, but if I could go back and do it again I probably would have gone with something a little less blinding...

04. Details. I went with a garden reception and I loved it. There were a few details that I love still to this day. Roses in vases hanging on the porch, lights in the gazebo, the little smocked flower girl dresses, caramels to be handed out to guests as they walked down the path to the reception.

05. Hottest Day of the Summer. It was literally 110 degrees the day of my wedding. And I made a huge mistake. I wanted to have silky smooth legs (of course) so I shaved and put on some yummy lotion that morning... FYI yummy lotion and 110 degree weather do not mix- my legs stuck to my dress and made me that much hotter. If you're getting married in the summer and will be outside do yourself a favor and pass on the lotion until later that night.

06. Photo Shoot- When I had my bridals taken we rented a tux for Jon and took some photos with both of us. I know that's not PC, but I LOVE those photos more then anything. They turned out wonderfully and I'm so glad we have them. Plus, what if I had some horrible hair day the day of the wedding and ended up hating all our pictures together?

07. Flip Flops... What was I thinking? I am a practical girl, so I decided to wear flip flops for my wedding day. I'm so glad I did! BUT as I look back at my pictures I SO wish I had worn some cute heals for the photos. Oh well, at least I was comfy.

08. Strings- I had a string sextet play. It was very classy and the music was beautiful. If I could do it again I would have had a band, and for sure there would be a saxophone- that captures Jon and I much more then a violin.

09. Cutting the Cake- As a surprise to me Jon put a bib on me when we were asked to cut the cake. Embarrassing, but it is just a funny memory now. We tried to cut the cake sooner then normal, but I would cut it even earlier if I could go back. The cake was delicious and there was so much left, I would have liked more of our guests to enjoy it.

10. Dancing. I had my last dance with my dad and then my first dance with Jon as husband and wife. After that we played a CD of our favorite songs. It was so much fun! Dancing at the end of the night is one of my favorite wedding memories.


Guilty Secret said...

Great post - lots of little things to think about. Congratulations on three years of marriage!

The Clarkes said...

Emily! I didn't know that you knew Jenna! That is so funny! Jenna- Emily and I are cousins! That is so much fun!

Emily said...

Thanks Guilty Secret!

Allie, I didn't know you and Jenna knew each other! Small world!

Emily said...

Just to clairfy the String Sextet was incredibly beautiful! I loved it! I would just additionally have enjoyed a band for the end of the night!

Jenna said...

This is why we blog. So we can discover the crazy connections that we have with each other.

Emily, thanks so much for posting, I loved reading this review of your big day!