Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Inspiration Board #1

Edit: I am sorry the formatting is weird on this post, I can't get google to post it correctly!

Europe is over (something I am very happy about right now, I miss my guy!), and so it is time for me to get back to regular posting. I have so many things to write about, and I think I will kick it all off with my first inspiration board! I say first because I anticipate making many changes and adjustments along the way, but I am excited to finally feel like I have a starting point.

For colors I have decided on heavy amounts of green and gold, with hints of black (because I could never eliminate black from my color scheme completely), ivory, and a deep rusty bronzey red. I have never been a "gold" person, but I am getting so excited about all of the possibilities I see with this color scheme.

We are a picture family, and so I would like to have family wedding pictures, our engagement pictures, bridals, and photos from our relationship sprinkled throughout the reception space.
--Gold picture frame photo by sky blu photography.--
I cannot find a picture of exactly what I want, but I am thinking I would like to do a variety of different cakes on different cake stands instead of one large dramatic cake. I have close family members who have gluten and diary allergies and so I would like to have a cake made just for them. This way, guests will also be able to choose what type of cake they would like to taste.
I hope we don't run out because everyone wants to try every flavor!
--Cake table from Martha--.
I am definitely excited about the photo booth we will have set up. I know it's becoming a little bit cliche, and I usually really shy away from doing what everyone else is doing, but I think in this case the popularity is justified. We are going to have accessories and a gorgeous view in the background for guests to pose in front of.
--Photo booth by Heather Waraska photography--.
I don't want to wear my hair down and curly, I am too much of a perfectionist to be okay with the way it will fall out throughout the day, but something loose and up would still look soft and pretty. This knottie added a little bit of flair by setting the back off to the side a little bit.
--Gorgeous hair belonging to knottie catasing, photo by
Evrim Icoz.--
I don't want roses or cala lilies, and I am thinking that the focus of my wedding flowers will be fauna instead of flora. I want to eliminate those calla lillies and replace them with something else, but I love the hint of deep red this bouquet has. I want a budget bouquet, so hopefully this is something I can afford! I must apologize to One Love for cropping her gorgeous photo to really highlight this awesome bouquet she shot. Heather if you read this blog and you are unhappy with how I manipulated your photo, please let me know!
--Bride bouquet by one love photography.--
As an English major, I have always loved to read, and I love this blog enough to realize that I love the power of the written word just as much. Books are definitely going to be a major theme throughout the wedding process. I want to use them as decorations throughout, and i have a few different ideas on how this can be done, although I didn't find the right kind of inspirational photos to feature them here.
--Stack of books found here--
This is the first thing guests will see when they step off of the elevator. I want the entire wedding look to be very cohesive, so I will be keeping this photo, and the other photos of the venue in mind as I make all of my decisions.
==What will be the entrance to my wedding at Hotel 1000, photo by me.--
My dress! I can't believe I have to wait all the way until August to try it on again.
--Dress 9055B by Watters.--
I think that the bridal shop I ordered my dress through will give me a free veil of my choice, and I am definitely going to go with whatever birdcage style they have available. I spent way too much on my dress to be able to with something a little more personalized.
--Veil by Castle Bride--
I am getting married in Seattle and so I shouldn't have any problem getting away with insisting on the presence of a pretty umbrellas on my wedding day. I changed the pink background on this photo to better match the green of my color scheme.
--Umbrella from Bella Umbrellas--
I don't know if it will happen, but I swoon over these dresses from JCrew every time I look it up. It's a little bit more than what girls in my area usually spend on bridesmaid dresses, so I might have to do a little bit of budget manipulation to offset the extraordinary cost. They are getting a gorgeous dress out of it after all!
--Suiting 120 dress from JCrew--
My very unique (read: chubby and wide) feet require me to be a little bit selective about what kinds of heels I choose. I think it is quite possible these could even look cute on me!
-Jessica Bennet gold pumps found on endless.com--
I am going to have 6 bridesmaids and 2 junior bridesmaids. I think I will have my bridesmaids carry something like the bouquet on the right, and the junior bridesmaids something on the left. I love that both of these include button mums!
--Bridesmaid bouquets found on theknot.com. Here and Here.--


bridal fashion by MILLIE said...

Welcome home!!!!

Guilty Secret said...

Wow, what a beautiful board. Interesting how you said you are not normally a gold girl... I am not normally a (midnight) blue girl, but I am so excited about it for my wedding! I guess going with something you don't normally choose makes it feel even more special.

Claire and Steve said...

I love your board, and I'm glad you're back from Europe to be with your honey.

Dana said...

I really like the brides hair with thr flower. It looks like something that I might want to use for my hair.

Jenna said...

millie-Thanks, it's nice to be here!

guilty-I hadn't thought about it that way, but it makes sense. Some brides want to go with the old comfortable thing, I want to try something new and totally different for my once in a lifetime experience.