Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Guest blogger: Sharp-Minert Wedding 2007

Hello. I’m Claire, a guest blogger for Jenna, and here is my wedding story.

Steve and I met during law school orientation, but didn’t have an immediate connection. I could give more details, but the story makes me sound like a jerk. Someday we’ll come up with a better story to tell our future kids and grandkids. We went on some casual dates during our first year of school and spent part of Christmas break together. I broke Steve’s heart the next semester and left for a summer internship in Washington, D.C. Fortunately, Steve gave me a second chance and started emailing me during the summer. I wasn’t sure where things would go, but thanks to his persistence, we started dating (again). It was a whirlwind—late nights, going out, studying for finals (or not) together. We were on a moonlit ski lift ride in Sundance when I knew I wanted to marry Steve. Steve proposed a few months later with four dozen roses and dinner at the Chef’s Table. We married during our third year of law school and went on a honeymoon to Cancun, Mexico. Since our graduation in April, we’re in Boise, ID studying for the bar.

Things that I loved:


My photographer, Duston Todd, was amazing. I think it’s important to find a photographer whose work and personality you love, because it will make everything better.

I will love my photographer forever for catching my older sister push my cousin out of competition for the bouquet. It makes me laugh every time!

We also set up a photo booth for guests.

Caterer: Culinary Crafts was great and so professional—they took care of the set-up, linen/table/chair rentals, food, and clean-up. We served mini turkey and provolone sandwiches, fresh fruit, romaine and spinach salad, mini quiches, veggies and key lime squares. I think the quiches were my favorite. They even packed us a take-home bag for our honeymoon.

My honey surprised me with a present (nutcrackers that he made for me) at our reception.

Reception location: Two future lawyers having a reception in a courthouse? I know. I wasn’t even considering it as a possibility, but my sister Janae saw it and convinced me to look at it. I loved the beautiful marble hall area, and it ended up saving us a lot in the decoration budget.

Wedding Cake: My groom had his heart set up a chocolate wedding cake, so I let him have it!

Advice for Future Brides:

  1. If your dress needs alterations or you’re doing bridals, make sure your dress shop and seamstress understands your time schedule. I ordered my dress in February (before I was engaged) but the dress wasn’t finished until September! I was so stressed! I absolutely loved my dress, but I hated worrying about when it would be done.
  2. Take a dance class. It’ll make your first dance as a couple so much better!
  3. Start (and finish) your guest list early! I was so overwhelmed by the number of addresses to track down that I left out people I should have invited.
  4. Plan an exit strategy. Make an exciting exit with sparklers, bubbles, etc.

Wedding Vendors/Locations

Wedding location: Salt Lake Temple, Salt Lake City, UT
Luncheon (in lieu of a rehearsal dinner): the Lion House, Salt Lake City, UT
Reception location: Historic Utah County Courthouse, Provo, UT
[contact: 801-370-8611]
Photographer: Duston Dodd
Catering: Culinary Crafts
Cake: Wedding Cakes by Dawna
Invitations: Paper Hearts
Flowers: Pamela’s Floral Garden
Dress: The Brides Shop, Salt Lake City, UT.


Guilty Secret said...

Wow, you ordered your dress before you were even engaged?! No wonder Jenna asked you to guest :)

Great post... thanks for keeping the place warm while she's away!

Jenna said...

Claire-I love this post! You are amazing!

janaemadsen said...

claire the duston todd link doesn't work- in Claire's defense I went to a bunch of wedding shows and entered her into every contest just in case they got engaged- my other sister won a video package and bridals! So I got all wedding excited and told her we should go dress shopping. I am already married but I still love weddings.

janaemadsen said...

I think also we should talk about your bridal shower.

Casee said...

Claire, your wedding was beautiful, you did a great job with all of the plans. Kudos.

Jenna said...

guilty-I didn't even notice that she wrote that she had bought her dress before her engagment. Haha, this does sound a lot like me.

Anonymous said...

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