Monday, June 16, 2008

Cory Parris is here for You, Seattle Brides

I subscribe to every single photographer feed I can find. This has meant that I need to divide my photographer feeds into folders, the first being photographer daily, and the second being the master file which I browse through whenever I have some extra time on my hands to look for inspiration (brides, I assure you, looking at other weddings is the absolute best way to get ideas, Martha can always make it look fantastic in the wedding, but how can it be executed in the real world?)

Cory Parris just got moved to my daily feed list due to his newest endeavor to document the event spaces available in Seattle. His website, Seattle Weddings Online, has so much great information, I am not even sure where to begin.

Here is the post that tipped me off to what he is doing, with a link list to 21 different weddings he has shot. He uses these posts to really show what the venue looked like at each wedding. Hotel 1000 isn't on here, but many of the places I was seriously considering before I booked are shown.

He is also creating a website called Seattle Wedding Guide which has all of the venue photos, plus vendors that his brides have recommended.

I think that Cory seems like a vendor who really cares about his brides, and I appreciate the time and effort he is putting into making wedding planning a little bit easier. Cory also happens to be a really great photographer, if you are a Seattle bride, take a look at his blog here.


Michemily said...

I would suggest this website to you for photography. I love it:

If you're looking for non-wedding, I like these two:


122LOVESME said...

i love cory parris, i just wish that i could afford him...

Jenna said...

Michemily-I am already a three winks subscriber! She used ot shoot with my photographer, Kelli Saunders. Thanks for the new links!

122-I hope you are going to budget for a photographer you will like, the pictures are so important!

122LOVESME said...

i am actually hoping it will be an early christmas present from my family. but "spit" in one hand and wish in the it's in our budget for now.