Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bride and Groom Cakes

Photos by Mike Briggs.

These cakes should be cheesy but they are not. Maybe it's the photography that keeps them from going over the top?

Fantastically executed by knottie pwallyholly.


Guilty Secret said...

I think they are a little bit cheesy, but still absolutely adorable! We don't have groom's cakes here, just one big cake, so to me this looks really cute!

east side bride said...

Jenna, they are totally cheesy. Step away from the wedding blogs.

Holly said...

Thanks for the compliment... I think?

Veronica said...

It's hilarious! I laughed out load when I saw them =o)

Jenna said...

guilty-They don't usually do groom's cakes in the Northwest either. I don't think we are going to introduce the idea.

eastsidebride-you think it might be wedding blog overload?

holly-This wasn't intended to be sarcastic. I try to respect your wedding decisions if you try to respect mine.