Thursday, June 12, 2008

Losing Things

Update: Photographer issue resolved. Florist issue seems to be close. Mind is found. Life is good.

I have a new computer. She's called "Hot Tamale".

I lost my dream photographer. ($4000 budget, any suggestions?)

I lost my florist. (Looking for someone creative and funky who will think outside the box.)

I'm losing my mind.

Please note: Regularly scheduled posts should resume shortly. This post is not a pity party. Merely an update.


Sarah said...

Congrats on the new computer!

I name things as well. I kindly refer to my macbook as Paige. My car (before I sold her and moved to the city) was known as Charlotte or Char-Char or Char-Baby

Holly said...

Okay, I can't remember when your date is, but you might check out Maurice Photo. We just REALLY like his style, and his personality is so mellow. And he shoots for the Seahawks and Mariners to boot! :) He's at

Guilty Secret said...

Hello, Hot Tamale!

Sorry I am way too far away to know anything about photographers or florists in your area but with your budget, I'm pretty sure you'll find someone fabulous.

Claire and Steve said...

That is so stressful! I'm sure you'll find somebody fabulous.

Dana said...

Great on the new more sneaking at work. LOL (I do it all the time) I am not sure where you are, but check out Ross Oscar Knight Photography You might want to check out Get Married website to find another florest in your area.
It is not a pity party it is a cry for help come other obsessed brides to assist you.

Blue Eyed Bride said...

check out I think her minimum is $3600, but you would have to fly her up there and cover her lodging. she's in Louisiana, but she's amazing!

Jenna said...

sarah-I name as many things as possible. My car is Abbie, my ipod is Lunetta.

holly-thanks for the Seattle suggestion Holly. I love my fellow Seattle blog brides!

dana-Thanks. He is amazing! It's fun to have another good blog to subscribe to.

blueeyedbride-I wish I didn't have to pay for the travel fees because kelly is amazing!