Saturday, June 14, 2008

Think Geek

Wii sure are.

See more geeky invitations here
(one of the weddingbee invitations even made it on this page!)

I think if I want to have a dinner/wii party, I can send out invitations like this. If I am getting married and making a lifetime commitment, I want to do something I know I won't regret. Maybe these couples won't.

How do you feel about couples who do let their personalities show in (what some consider) a very informal way?


Kelli said...

That's hilarious. Maybe these types of people would regret it if they didn't do it this way? To each their own! Their wedding will probably be pretty informal as well. It is a cute idea for a Wii party though.

Blablover5 said...

It would be really cute to make some invitations with lego characters of you. Maybe for a rehersal dinner.

Hm, may have to do that.

Jenna said...

kelli-good point. I guess they might regret not having the kind of party that makes them smile. I think a wii party complete with invitations is in order.

blab-I'm glad I could inspire something.

Linda said...

That's awesome. We're gamers so that makes total sense for us. Darn. Wish I would have done that!

Lady T said...

i love this!!! i wish i were brave enough to let my personality completely shine but i find that i'm overly concerned with what others will think, and my mother tells me a lot of my ideas are....not good...soooo, i live vicariously thru others.

i'm placating myself that i will have many more occasions to let the true me i'm keeping many wedding elements somewhat traditional.

Guilty Secret said...

Each to their own... but I agree I'd be happy to use something like this for any other party, but for my wedding I want something that reflects how seriously I'm taking the commitment I'm making.

Jenna said...

lady t-There will be so many other opportunities for creative things like this. However, don't regret the choices you are making right now!

guilty secret-I think that you pin pointed my sentiments exactly. I want to show how seriously I am taking this decision.