Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Makeshift Photo Booth

Many of you said in your comments that you would like to have a photo booth but it isn't a cost effective option. I think that Thoughtful Day proves quite nicely that it doesn't have to be anything on a grand scale to capture your guests in a variety of different lights. Shots like this just require a blank space behind the subject, a tripod, and a person with the ability to manipulate the setting on their camera well enough to make guests look soft and pretty. Dare I say I could do this with my little baby, the Pia II?

I love that the photos are natural, clean, and simple. The mothers look absolutely gorgeous. I know that my Mom doesn't have pretty pictures of herself taken very often, she spends too much time behind the camera. I hope that we can capture some shots like this of her throughout the day.


Guilty Secret said...

Fancy popping over here to be in charge of mine...? :-D

Kate said...

Loving the photo booth idea!

Oh and...tag! You're it!

style-ish said...

I like these pictures. They are just as fun as "regular" photobooth pictures.

Here's one of the pictures that I was telling you about with the cardboard cut out of the bride and groom.


cute right?

Jenna said...

guilty-You can do this! Don't give up on the idea yet. All it takes are a few rentals.