Sunday, June 8, 2008

Photobooth or Crazybooth

Photobooths are the one trend that I am going to follow for the wedding. Usually I shy away from "what everyone else is doing", but our photobooth is one of the things I look forward to most of all. My Mom is going to hook me up with a sweet setup (have I mentioned how much I love having a wedding photographer in my family?), and I am hoping that the guests (other than my rocking bridesmaids who I know will be hogging the booth all night) will really get into it.

Photographers will post images from their photobooths every once in awhile, and the latest one featured on the image is found perfectly personifies the type of pictures I hope to get back.

Anyone else planning on having a photobooth? Any ideas for sweet props we can include?


tina said...

I want one so bad, but there is just NO money left (or, room left in our venue). I am so bummed because this is something that people would expect from me. This is totally me.

Kelli said...

I love these pictures too! I've loved the whole photobooth idea ever since I've seen what they do with it. Awesome!

Guilty Secret said...

Ah... I would love to do this. This is a US trend I have seen a lot of online but never heard of in UK.

Unfortunately, we just don't have the budget. Still, one day we'll do it at a party, I'm sure :)

Dana said...

I would not mind having one. If I did I would have the following props:
crazy teeth
different size glasses
different hats

Good luck with having one. I am sure it would give something to look at for years to come.

style-ish said...

I love the photobooth for weddings. I've seen so many fun pictures. There was one that I saw that had a cardboard cutout (life size) of the couple that everyone could take a picture with. It was cute! Let me see if I can find it.g

Jenna said...

tina-We are lucky enough to have a room just off of the main event space that will work perfect for ours.

kelli-you will be shooting these photobooths so soon

styleish-Thanks for reminding me of the about the cutout idea. We are so doing that!

Big Shot said...

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