Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tagged-4 Things About That Groom

I was tagged by the go to bride for grooms style advice, East Side Bride to continue the meme that Peonies and Polaroids began in an effort to get to know the man behind the bride. I decided to make my responses a little more fun by including a picture of him with each answer. A challenge since I am not allowed to "reveal" him to the public.

4 Things You Should Know About That Groom

1. He is really competitive, especially with me. We love beating each other at things. I should probably spend less time blogging and more time dancing so that I can beat him in the DDR tournament we have planned for each other.

2. Which leads right into #2, he LOVES DDR. Which is great because so do I.

3. He said at first that he hates it, but now I am the one who has to scale back the PDA.

4. He loves numbers, and especially finance. He could talk to me for hours about finance and money (more specifically, what I am spending my, soon to be our, money on). Here he is wearing at t-shirt that always makes me laugh. His "Math is not a spectator sport" shirt.

I tag...

Mr. Weds
Mr. T
Mr. Guilty Secret (A.K.A. Baddie)
Mr. 122

And I think we would all like to hear these things straight from your groom if he would like to share!


Guilty Secret said...

Aw, you guys are so cute!

"Math is not a spectator sport" - I love it!

Thanks for throwing down the gauntlet. You won't be hearing anything straight from the horse's mouth as Baddie knows nothing about my blogging habit! I'll have a think and come up with some hopefully interesting bits to share though :)

Lovely chatting to you today!

Guilty Secret said...

P.S. Just realised "Mr. Lady T" is "Mr. T" - he he!

Lady T said...

ha! when i came over to see what meme i had been roped into i had no idea who Mr. T was took about 5 secs for me to go "ohhhh"

yeah, i'm slow...but i've got issues this morning. i'll get to the meme soon though! promise!

Jenna said...

Guilty-Baddie doesn't even know you have a blog? How? I am always online working on some post for my blog. It drives That Groom crazy I think.

Ladyt-Apparently something like Mr. Lady T would have been better. Or maybe, Mr. Gentleman T.

Jennifer said...

Thanks! My guy doesn't know I blog either, but I think I'll give him a call and make him come up with 4 things abouth himself!

122LOVESME said...

i'll post my tag a little later on today. in the mean time, you're totally right about needing more engagement pictures. the day we did our e-pictures, i was driving mr. 122 home, and we passed a carnival, and i was so sad for not having known about it. but, there's always the puyallup fair or wild waves or something later on this year.

Lady T said...

Re: bm dresses. a few people do buy their bm's dresses but for the most part, its up to the bm...i do know there are some other cultures that also buy the dress

Jennifer said...

Yay! We are wedding twins!

Guilty Secret said...

No-one in my life know about my blog. It is 100% secret. My first blog was all about our relationship issues and counselling, and the only way I felt able to truly write about how I felt (which was what I really needed to do) was by doing so in secret. This was partly because one of our big issues was Baddie's drug taking and dealing and he would have been way too paranoid to be ok with me posting about that, even anonymously. The other reason was because I worry about what people think too much... I would self-censor too much if I knew people I knew were reading.

How I do it is basically by blogging at work! (This is why my blogging can be sporadic - depends how busy I am.) I often stay late to blog for an hour, so Baddie thinks work is busier than it is! Then I leave my computer at work in the evenings... otherwise I might just become an addict! At weekends, I take my laptop home and blog when Baddie is out or take it in the other room. He goes on about me being a computer addict but I just laugh it off. He thinks I'm always on Facebook! Plus, I did tell him I'm writing a semi-autobiographical book. Hmmm, I need to post about that actually.

Anyway, enough hogging your comment box! I did the meme and I'll post it later today, so you'll get to find out more about the mysterious, kept-in-the-dark Baddie Subrosa :)

Jenna said...

guilty-Seriously so intense. I'm really impressed! I think you can understand how addicting blogging is. Although others might find what you do to be very strange, I completely understand. I hope that one day Baddie can know how awesome you are!

ley said...

Haha, my fiance is a nerdy accountant, so he gets really excited about numbers, too! Much to his annoyance, I'm math-retarded and care NOTHING about taxes and stocks and interest rates, unless it regards the civilization I'm studying. lol.

Big Shot said...

Okay the math shirt, too hilarious. I have a nerd streak as well. I went to UCSD, can't help it. We're all nerds at heart.

Jenna said...

ley-As a treat to him I sometimes let him have a conversation with me about finances. He gets really excited about it.