Saturday, June 28, 2008

That Bridesmaid Maggie

Bridesmaid Maggie and I can't remember how we became friends. We were roommates for 5 years straight and during all of this time we have never been able to pin it down. I remember the first time I saw her, but beyond that it remains a fun mystery for us to reminiscence about and try to solve together.

We were what I like to think of as fast friends. Probably because I was one of her only friends. Not that she wasn't completely cool and awesome like she is now, but because she was going to school full time, working at Nordstrom, and teaching dance at 4 AM in the morning or something crazy like that. We were pretty bummed when we had to say goodbye to each other for the Summer after Freshman year was over.

Another reason I love Maggie is because of all of the fun friends she has intorduced me to throughout the years. We have one mutual friend in common who is probably the funnest person I know.

Bridesmaid Maggie loves to have her picture taken. I have been known to enjoy a good photo session or two myself, and it's nice to always have someone with you who will take lots of self portraits with you, and also isn't afraid to model while you practice your amateur photography and photoshop skills. I am willing to bet that their will be more pictures of her than any other bridesmaid. Which is okay because isn't she just hot?

By far my favorite thing about Bridesmaid Maggie is that she loves to eat healthy like I do! She works out harder than anyone I know, and she is always willing to answer fitness related questions I might have for her.

I love Bridesmaid Maggie so much and I am so grateful for the sacrifice of time and money she is making to fly up to Washington for my wedding. I know that she and I will stay close even through my move to Poland. I'm so lucky to have a friend like her.

Tomorrow you will get to meet Bridemaid Lova. A bride-to-be herself getting married on July 1st (this Tuesday, I can't believe it!)


Lady T said...

its sooo cool to get to know your bridal party!

man....i wonder if there is a way for me to get my bms' permission to post their pics on my personal blog without giving them the address....hmmmm

CONGRATS to your friend Lova!!! **squeals** how exciting!

Big Shot said...

Such a cute blog idea - seriously, you come up with the best themes.