Friday, June 27, 2008

That Bridesmaid Beni Bop

Guilty pointed out to me that this post doesn't describe how I met Bridesmaid Beni Bop and so I thought I would add on and let you know how we were introduced. My first memory of her is a funny one. I was over at a friends house with another Bridesmaid, and this frantic girl was running around yelling about her college applications. The time was probably somewhere around 9 or 10 pm and she had college applications due by midnight. We had never seen each other before, and I know she was thinking "Who is this girl hanging out with all of my friends that I have never seen before?", but it was a fun night trying to help her figure out what to write.

That Summer she lived with my roommate while I was home for the Summer, and 6 months after that she moved in next door to us with a girl who had a turtle and wore sweatshirts to church. We've lived together ever since.

Bridesmaid Beni Bop has the most infectious laugh you could possibly imagine. If I could bottle it up and sell it to those who are having a rough day, I think I could make a fortune.

She also has the ability to switch easily between the blondest blond and the darkest brunette looking equally gorgeous both ways.

She has let me borrow her shoes multiple times, she provided our apartment with big screen TV, and when I first bought my darling little car Abbie she went out with me to help me learn how to drive the stick shift a little better.

Due to her working schedule, she definitely puts up with the most wedding talk since we are always online at the same time. She's always gives such great advice, and she has such terrific fashion sense I know I can always go to her with some type of fashion related dilemma. I just love her!

Next up Bridesmaid Maggie.


Guilty Secret said...

Aw, you're just so sweet! How do you know Beni Bop?

I am so glad none of my friends and family have such small feet as me so I don't have to lend them my shoes. Mean but true!

Benita said...

i couldn't be more excited to be one of your bridesmaids! i would have to say one of my favorite memories of you is all of our late night chats of you giving me advice of what to do with boys. you were always very good at that. also - shopping in chicago while the rest of them went to museums. we had so much more fun. remember how we will never live together anymore?? this is very sad. good thing you are coming to stay with us for a week in a couple days. love you!!

Blue Eyed Bride said...

you're absolutely right-- her hair looks gorgeous both ways!

LadyT said...


this is sooo cute!

reading the descript of your neighbor made me think up one for my last neighbor....."lady with multiple sex partners" would be putting it midly!

man, those walls were PAPER thin....

Shaylene Rene' Photography said...

I do miss Benni's laugh!

Guilty Secret said...

Nice addition there... cute story :)