Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday That Groom

Today my love turned 27 years old. This bumps him up into the late 20’s age bracket, although he doesn’t like to admit it. I’m still too young to get all stressed about getting older, and I eagerly look forward to each birthday I get to have. I would celebrate half-birthday’s if they would let me.

That whole “better with age” thing is so true.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to spend this day with him, for the second year in a row. This meant that I had to find a way to give something to the ultimate non-materialist. He hates receiving gifts, and I of course love giving them.

Etsy came through for me as always, where I found a fun variety of bar soaps (get the mint chocolate from seller Daisycakes Soap) and one of the cutest collections of cards that I have ever seen (from seller smackofjellyfish). He likes the “squeaky clean” feeling that bar soap leaves him with, and I thought it might be fun for him to venture away from the blue Zest he has been depending on for so long. I left him one note for each day, and told him not to open the package full of soaps until today.

If you can't read the tiny text, these cards have the cutest phrases like "you launch my rocket", "you light my fire", and as an English major my personal favorite "you (verb) my (noun)".

He’ll love the notes, and although he will appreciate the gesture I’ll probably end up using up all of the soaps. Men are always seem to be really hard to buy for. Has anyone else found the secret to giving gifts to someone who consistently claims he has no desire to receive them?


Guilty Secret said...

Happy birthday, That Groom!

Those cards are so cute, I am so copying that you (verb) my (noun) one.

(I was a linguistics major.)

Anonymous said...

well it is also my dear friend's birthday! i wish i had seen those cards earlier i LOVE them!

i agree with guilty i love the you (verb) my (noun) card too.

in keeping with the format i'll also let you know i'm a speech and language major. i've noticed a number of bloggers love words and have backgrounds in them.

Kelli said...

That's sweet :) Happy birthday! By the way, I totally celebrate my friend Craig's half-birthday every year. Complete with modified card and gift. Do they make half-birthday cards?

Shaylene Rene' Photography said...

CUTEST picture of you two! Tell (oops I typed his name and had to delete it) That Groom Happy Birthday from me. Probably from mom & dad too!

Ms. Vee said...

Thank you for your kind words, and happy birthday to your honey :)

Ms. Vee said...

Wow, I'm honored. Thank you!